Medium - thoughts please

Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad I have this forum because all the bereavement groups near me have stopped due to covid. Sending love Xx


I’m so sorry for your loss :broken_heart:It’s heartbreaking to lose our loved ones we miss them so much. How do we find the strength to be without them I know I’m finding it difficult I think I have cried every single day and night since my beautiful husband left me and the pain is unbearable. Sending love Xx

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I put off going to a Medium until I wasn’t desperate to hear what I wanted to hear; I went not expecting anything and I was glad of this because I knew regardless that I wouldn’t be too disappointed. I think going with an open mind and an open heart is what helped me. My advice, if it’s worth anything, is go when it feels right for you and do your research. Best of luck and let us know if you do decide to go and how it worked out. I hope you’re holding up ok xxx

Sanny the religious and satanic content is distressing but try not to focus on that. But of all the lovely experiences that those have had. Hope I didn’t contribute to any distress. I was just trying to veer the lady over to another thread where it was more appropriate


This was a good, interesting little thread until religion was brought into it. I have requested that admin remove the religious content to the religious thread mentioned by Jooles. I do hope you choose to stay with the forum Sanny. It has much to offer.

Hi @Tinann, the thread about religion that has been mention is here: A Religious and Spiritual thread. You may find that a helpful place to discuss how your faith has helped you in your grief. Or, of course, you are free to start a new conversation about this yourself.

I understand that the person who started this conversation had asked for opinions about mediums, and you are entitled to give a contrasting one. However, do bear in mind that our community guidelines ask users to be respectful of each other’s religious and spiritual beliefs. Where people have differing beliefs, this can mean stepping back from a conversation and sharing your views on a more relevant one, so that everyone has somewhere to express themselves fairly.


Sanny , I am very sorry for your loss but I too am very interested in seeing a medium in fact I see one next Friday, I am very concerned with how my fiancé passed and if he is ok and I am tortured with the fact I wasn’t there and he died alone in the street, I need to know it was too quick for him to be scared. I am going in with an open mind and heart but I am removing my engagement ring and his that I wear now on a chain, he will not be mentioned by me unless they do first and I have been talking to him all week telling him if they say certain things that were a private joke or words between only us then I will know it’s him. I watch mediums and always wanted to see one but never really had any reason now it a physical need, he is gone almost 6mths so I’m hoping he comes through, I hope you stay with us and your decision brings you much peace. Take care xxx

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Tina just gave her opinion in a post which asked for opinions. She didn’t know it would offend people. If anyone is to blame for the debate moving towards religion, it is me. After Angie posted about her Christian friend saying mediums should be avoided, I googled and found out that the Catholic Church and Evangelicals are strongly against mediums, but didn’t find answers for other denominations. So I asked about other denominations, as most Christians here are likely to be Anglican, and not everyone knows about all the tenets of their religion, and so thought it might be important for people to know where each Church stands on this issue. Of course, this isn’t what @Sanny’s post was about, so I am really sorry for not starting a new post for this, and for any distress caused.

Hi again , my son passed in the street walking his dog , a year ago next week . I too was beside myself he was on his own . As I said in a previous post , I saw a medium , who gave me messages from him , and it couldn’t have been anyone else because of what was said , which gave me some peace . It still feels like it was yesterday , I still feel like he is here . I’m seeing my medium next week . There are always some messages that bring me comfort . I too don’t mention him . She sees so many people she forgets who I am - but every time without fail , he comes through first . His humour , as in life , is still apparent . Bad days , as we know , are many . I look at my notes I make of the conversations through the medium and it certainly takes my desperation away . I feel so sorry that some mediums are not as good as others . I get so much comfort from mine . She even tells me signs that are from him ! You have to go with what works for you. If it gives you comfort , then it’s worth doing . I hope everyone finds peace in their own ways . X


Hi Abdullah
I wasnt making reference to Phil Quins charges as I don’t know many clients he can fit in during the day or his expenses for a rented office , an admin officer, or his agent.
But his FREE videos covering all aspects of the spirit world are intriguing. Having studied spirit for over 50yrs I believe Phil Quins videos give us the truth.
Love and Light
Geoff x

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Hi HJP, I’m am so sorry for your sons loss and wow it’s scary how very similar our losses are and I need to have this reading and really hope they can tell me he’s ok and didn’t suffer and doesn’t blame me I wasn’t there, that’s my torture every day but I’m looking forward to next week xx

Dear @Geoff999, that’s nice of you to post that video, I am sure many people will find it beneficial. I haven’t studied spirits or things like that, so I am not going to sit here telling people it is wrong because I don’t have the knowledge, but, yeah, I do have a serious problem with the money many of these people are making. Being a medium has very low overhead costs, yet they’re earning more per hour than a GP who’s studied and trained for 12 years.

What about the unemployed single mother with four young kids whose husband died? She can’t afford 45 pounds per hour, or in Phil Quinn’s case, 175 dollars for 30 minutes (geez, that’s more than a brain surgeon), does she not deserve to hear from her dead husband? If I could talk to dead people, I wouldn’t sit there asking to see 45 pounds before they can see their deceased through me, I’d be like, “hey, don’t worry, this is [what my mortgage is], this is [what I have earned], this is [what I need to earn], but you pay me whatever you can, I don’t care about the money, I just hate to see you suffering and want you to be able to hear from your [husband/wife/mum/dad/child etc], let’s do this!” … why would anyone who genuinely have this gift not want it to be available to everyone? Has a medium ever advertised that they offer discounts to those who cannot afford it? Has a medium ever said they will do a reading for free for the homeless? How can someone with such a gift be motivated not by helping people but by $$$$$$$ ?


Actually my medium spent lockdown Sunday evenings giving free 15 minute readings on Zoom . Lots of my friends queued to speak to her . One friend waited over an hour ahd didn’t get to speak to her but my medium contacted her and did an extra hour earlier than advertised the next weekend so she didn’t have to wait . We can’t generalise as there are some really good people out there .

My medium charged £20 per hour. I agree @Abdullah if you genuinely have that gift why an earth would you charge such extortionate amounts. That’s just cruel.

I wish I had the gift and I would have great pleasure in helping people and hopefully make them happy.
I am gutted that we have no mediums in my area. I am ready now to visit one. How I envy those of you that are visiting one.

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I have already given contact details for my medium as she works over zoom . If you want her details pm me .

I would do it for free too Pat. What a gift to give that comfort. The rewards of seeing someone so happy would be enough for me


20 pounds an hour is very reasonable. I don’t think anyone would have a problem with a medium charging that amount, the one close to me charges 45 pounds for 30 minutes and 75 pounds for an hour, I don’t think we need to be a psychic to guess exactly what kind of a medium she is!

Me too Jooles, what a wonderful gift to have. To be able to give that comfort and love would be amazing.
Pat xx


Yes please, I would love them too if you can send them to me please x