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Thought I was starting to cope then my friend who was diagnosed with motor neurone last November died last Tuesday, then the wind and rain damaged my conservatory roof got up Wednesday to water everywhere rang 6 people no one wants to know feel at my lowest now all I want is my husband back to give me a hug and say everything will be alright.


I feel the same. Even though things wouldn’t necessarily turn out ok just him saying everything will be ok and a hug was enough for me to feel safe and happy.


Now my door is leaking when will it end. I keep getting told things will get better but every day seems to get worse

I now hate the weekends …house empty with my soulmate now gone.
We used to look forwards to the weekend.
Love and miss so so much

Paula, I do feel for you and when things go wrong all we want is that hug and to be told things will work out and that they know you have the strength to deal with it all. I know that’s how I feel and sometimes it’s as though he is doing just that, then I cry more than ever. The thing is we have to ‘get’ on with it, we have no option, again that’s what I tell myself with the tears. Everything is hard and until it affects us personally we don’t know what it is like. That’s why being on this site helps because we all have had to deal with this strange life. Keep going and you will feel better and be stronger.
Blessings S

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Thank you :heart:

I know just how you feel my weekend feel dead we use to enjoy our weekends now I dread them

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I’m new tpo this I need to speak to someone please I don’t know how put post on just lost my special friend I’m struggerling as I fought to see her legal as her kids stopped our contact when they put her in a home I can’t go pay my respects they won’t let me or watch her corsage it’s Friday sent police to my home last weekend if I go il get arrested for breach of the peace

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Hello everyone. I had a very very difficult day yesterday. I lost my husband 23 wks ago and yesterday was his birthday. The first one without him. I bought a beautiful bunch of flowers and put them by his photograph and I lit a tealight candle keeping the light going all day until I went to bed. I don’t know how I got through the day, but I did. I cried and then thought of happy memories, then cried some more. That is how I got through the day.

Toppy, give yourself the credit that you not only got through the day but remembered the good times. These special days are very difficult and not being able to go out and about but being stuck at home makes them more difficult. Well done, you know you can do it :clap::clap:. Take care, thinking about you. xx

Thank you so much x

Oh dear, so much for you to cope with. I know what you mean about wanting your husband back - so do I, but alas that will never happen. So we have to try to wear big girls trousers if we can and wipe our tears away. I see your post was Jan 20 - so hoping you are feeling better by now.

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