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Until you're in this situation, there's no way to tell how you will cope when a loved one dies. It's the hardest of times, but talking about it with others and sharing what's on your mind will always help. Here you can share your experiences of how you've coped with the death of a loved one, or ask questions about how others have dealt with such difficult times.

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Thought I was starting to cope then my friend who was diagnosed with motor neurone last November died last Tuesday, then the wind and rain damaged my conservatory roof got up Wednesday to water everywhere rang 6 people no one wants to know feel at my lowest now all I want is my husband back to give me a hug and say everything will be alright.

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I feel the same. Even though things wouldn’t necessarily turn out ok just him saying everything will be ok and a hug was enough for me to feel safe and happy.

Now my door is leaking when will it end. I keep getting told things will get better but every day seems to get worse