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Mentioning in a thread about using faith if you have one to get through. I did and sometimes but it isnt a magic wand.
Some well meaning others think so.
I watched a two part episode of Silent Witness on tv showing someone who died and found year later in bed.
Yes showed graphics but I was intrigued. When you are left you wonder about such things.
Especially when services not joined up e g. why is it some get support and others missed. Hear life style choices branded about but I think of autistic people and how does that work if they are isolated and so tragic.

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Oh.i cant watch silent witness … youre very brave :frowning: you will have friends or neighbours wont you. Try not to let ot worry you. Night … im having a funny sleep tonight xx

I have had my sleep. I fall asleep and wake up at night. If I try to sleep when not tired worse.
Not much can do.

Totally agree! I’m not saying it’s easy but it is possible!

I have a great family and friends around ! Just yesterday I picked my grandson (7) up from school and had pizza with him and my daughter! Just a normal day helping out with the grandchildren and a fun thing to do!

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Yes, you are right. Faith is’nt a majic wand and some people find it helps. I watch Silent Witness and saw the 2 part you mentioned. It took me back to the job I did where I sometimes ha d to go about picking up scattered remains and putting them in plastic bags and crying over them. I have left that all behind now. I wish my family stayed close bye so that I could hug them. It’s not the same on Facetime. I like this community. Take care.

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You have a very positive attitude, you’ll be fine!

My wife had a strong faith which I respected totally (unlike me) but would often ask “Why me’” or “What did I do to deserve this” !

I believe that people are inherently good (until they prove otherwise) but don’t believe in a faith as such - I couldn’t answer her questions except to say that she had led an exemplary selfless life and did not deserve this - it’s just a genetic lottery!

We had an absolutely wonderful chaplain in the hospital faith centre- she visited every to hold her hand and say a prayer with her !

She was absolutely wonderful and really helped helped me to get myself together after she passed and my world imploded

Hi. I hope that I didn’t imply that everyone should have a faith. I know that my daughter and he wonderful hubby don’t. Mine does’nt seem to be helping me. But, there are people online here who are.

No - i certainly didnt read / interpret it that that way either, I certainly respect other peoples faiths / beliefs as i spent a lot of my career in the middle east amongst people of islamic faith and found they were some of the warmest and most kind prople i have met and likewise i have some lovely friends and family of Christian faith that i love and respect.

I am sorry if your own faith isnt helping you at this time and hope that you find some comfort and help to guide you through this … there is life and light on the other side :slight_smile:

Well it is interesting reading these posts. Yes I woke up again as usual.
My faith has had a bashing. Hasn’t gone away. But it is hard to go to church.
My mum said if she didn’t have faith she would have no one else. (When she was widowed alone)
At times it is the only thing that keeps me going. I have doubts yes.
But we all do. Never promised an easy ride.
But does help reading Bible notes and calms me. But praying does help. Doesnt stop my grief.

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Yes , you are right about. The Faith being important and it has’nt alway helped me but again as you so right.y said we were never promised the “easy”. I only wish that I could stop feelin so useless and get my “get up and go to come back”. As I already said, I like this group anth positive help I get from it.