Achieved a big milestone..

Hello everyone,

Well, the last time I left my house was the 30th of October last year. I have all my shopping delivered, my brother has been on bin duty!

I had a thought today whilst working this morning ( I work from home) I live right beside Belfast Castle, where Martin and I had our wedding reception. Something just told me to go for a walk, I did! I can’t describe how I felt, a very strange calmness came over me, I sat a while in the Cat Garden and headed back home.

This is massive for me, tbh people were getting concerned that I hadn’t even been for a walk!

Also when I got back I got my Nutribullet out of hiding and intend on going back to my daily shakes. Martin and I always looked after our health and just felt I’m letting him down.

Everyone one this site is so incredibly supportive, I thank all of you.

I feel Martin very close today, I hope he’s with me…

Big hugs
Dottie x🌹


@Dottie72 Well done that’s a big step. Maybe our o/hs help us. Really pleased for you. X


Wow, this is such a great thing to read. I’m so glad you got out and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope it’s the first of many. :people_hugging::sparkling_heart:


Well done Dottie :slight_smile: enjoy your future walks (& shakes :slight_smile: )


@Dottie72 Well done you!!! Little victories are the best. I’m sure he was with you every step. Kindest Regards X


Hi, @Dottie72 , well done for venturing out , I know how much effort it must have took you, also going to a special place with happy memories, I’m sure your Martin was with you every step ,and he was smiling and encouraging you on , I’m sure what ever you do you will never let him down ,how could you the love you have for each other will always continue, sending you a big hug xtake carex


Well done @Dottie72 glad you got comfort from it and im sure your Martin was with you every step xx


That’s wonderful Dottie. I can imagine what a big deal this must have been for you. Try and do it again, soon. Getting out of the house can be hard, but I’m sure it does us good , so we do ourdelves good and that’s what we have to do, for our own sake and for them.


Well done, Dottie72, well done. Martin is proud of you for sure. Hugs from Anna


Well done Dottie
Maybe your Martin was telling you to go which then led to the Nutribullet which is important to both of you. I believe they are around us


@Dottie72 well done! Even the smallest things can feel like climbing a mountain. So give yourself a well deserved pat in the back. Here’s to more walks & Nutrabullet shakes!


Thank you all for your lovely words of encouragement! I phoned my brother once I got home, he was so so happy that I ventured out.

I’m now going to go there on a daily basis…

Big hugs
Dottie :rose:


You’ve taken a huge step forward and you must continue to take a step forward each day…. Hold on to all the lovely memories you shared x


That’s great @Dottie72, so glad that small step helped you massively, you should be proud of yourself xx
I’ve a feeling the ‘something’ that made you go was your Martins gentle ‘nudge’ :revolving_hearts:


Oh dottie - thats absolutely brilliant ! Well done … he is with you your hubby - hes walking right next to you - bless you - he would be so proud of you !!! xxx


Big big hugs you brave girl :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


You inspired me now to go and sit outside our outside pub to see if space for something with my camera and paints
As a mark of our sixth month in memoriam of his death today as weather is good and last year we would have had he not died may have been sitting there in his wheelchair and maybe see his friend there etc. If busy won’t go there as will no way go inside like we never did as didn’t want risk to catching covid. Whatever anyone said will take no notice. Had three years longer than would have had we just caught it and even more disabled.
I just had jab on Sunday so not covered by it. Not going to blow it now
Will wear mask do not care what nasty bandit comments I get I will ignore them and say well I have relatives you got it and who died of it unnecessarily so I will do what I like. Need to look after myself. Will say
“How do you know I don’t have it and protecting you?”
I am really protecting myself because I wear a respirator. Before I get the usual alternative comments which I find hurtful I believe we all have a right to do what we want if it doesn’t hurt others.


@Dottie72 This has really made me smile. I’m so happy for you! Well done xx


Hi Enorac, I too still wear a mask when I go shopping. As you said, is not only for your self. Wearing a mask also reduces the chance to infect others. We all should still wear masks to reduce the spreading of the virus, or we will never get rid of it. The next variant could make it much worse again. (We do press the break paddle to avoid a car accident and we would not take our foot off the break paddle because the car is slowing dawn. We have to bring the car to a standstill.) Why don’t we do the same with the virus? - Don’t give the virus a chance, kill it! - I still disinfect all the products I buy.

Enorac, even if you only had your new jab just 4 days ago, it should lessen the severity of the symptoms. - I will get my jab on Monday. - Nick


Nick, yes what you said is a good point about car will remember that one.
Yes I know bit of covid protection with jab but not full until couple of weeks. I had Pfizer with the Omnicrom variant this time which suits me better than Moderna with Omnicrom variant added protection a year ago. Felt worse then. Feel very tired and lethargic but not like last time felt worse but could have as then I been went in the swimming pool last year thinking chlorine protects now know it doesn’t if crowded and contaminated with lots stuff people dump in altering effectiveness. So plan to go to outdoor pool when less busy.
Got to be worth it though.
Was going to call in monumental mason about headstone as want it in place for annual anniversary as keep missing deadlines. Want a photo on it but no one else has in a churchyard although seen them in cemeteries. There are different laws. Also want to include profession on it rather than wasted other words as I will go on it afterwards.
Wish I was more decisive. Some Of same symptoms in grief as in Alzheimer’s. What a thought! Well been planting sunflowers and hope can keep slugs at bay now can’t use poison.
Then be very cheered if they grow tall. He loved to see that.