Alone and anxious

I just want someone to message me so I know there is a human thinking of me.
I cared for my husband for 8 years . We only had a career in the morning to bed bath him. Otherwise we were alone together. I watched him decline and finally I lay with him as he died.,
A few months later I had to move in with dad as he too was fading. I couldn’t manage dad and he went into a home for a week then died.
As I’m an only child and have no children I am now facing the reality of loneliness.
I go out and chat but I come home and face the emptiness. Anxiety attacks come and go. I’ve been on a talking course but honesty I think this has made me worse.
If someone would be kind enough to answer this with the possibility of becoming a text friend I would feel connected to another person with empathy. I am usually a very positive person I just need to feel as if I have someone who understands me. Thank you


Just to let you know that I have thought about you this morning.


Hi smile your amongs friends now love hope xxx


@Smile there are so many here to talk to, day and night there’s always someone. Many I the same situation. There is also a zoom chat. It’s a private chat, not organized by Sue Ryder. If your interested then private message @KarenF Best wishes


@Smile I think we can all relate to the loneliness. No matter how busy we keep ourselves we always have to return to an empty house. We are all here to help. Message whenever you need to. Sending hugs.


@Smile - hello - welcome to our little group on here. You have got a whole bunch of people who have got you, who are here for you and there is usually one or more of us around - like this morning. We all understand because we have all been there - some of us recently, others are longer along the road. All of us have had, variously, anxiety, panic attacks, loneliness, sadness, unexpected tears and the silence, the void, the emptiness. Empathy is our middle name on here because we get it totally. You are not alone, my friend, you are with us, and we are with you. We share the wins, the good days, the bad moments, the whole thing. Hold tight, lean on us, we are here x


I too understand how you feel
We’re all in the same boat and are here to listen and support each other as we travel along this road npbody wants to be on. Keep in touch


I don’t get on here as much as I’d like these days as there are so many jobs calling me but I wanted you to know I read your post and am thinking of you.

You have been through such a lot and survived it, let us help you through this next section of your life and walk beside you.

I am lucky I’m not alone as I have my learning disabled daughter, 25, still living with me but I still miss that different kind of companionship and love from my husband. We looked forward each day to our time together and that still leaves a hole.

My main ammunition is keeping busy, which I have no choice but to do anyway so it’s just as well it helps rather than hinders me.

Sending you love and if you, or anyone else, would like to try the zoom meetings please contact me. The next one is tonight at 8pm.



@Smile I’m so sorry for your losses but you are not alone on this forum.

I am in a similar situation to you in that I am an only child. I lost my dad last December then 7 weeks later my partner died unexpectedly from a heart attack. I lost my mum 11 years ago.

I am lucky that I do have my 2 adult children live with me so there is noise in the house but the loneliness of not having a special someone to share everything with is still there.

I’m not sure of the timeline of your losses but all I would say is just focus on one day at a time and keep posting on here as you want. I have found this is a lifesaver
Take care x


Keep posting on here . We all help each other. God bless xxx


I am alone too. My son lives in Arizona.
I don’t have friends locally. It is ten months now since my husband died, I find it hard without human contact. My problem is not getting out to walk. I have a back problem, I can only walk where there are benches but that’s our local lake and too many memories there.


Thinking of you all. X

I would like to join the zoom meetings How do I do that?


Hi im on my own too so always here to listen and support love hope xx


Hi @susie101 I’ll add you to the zoom links chat. A link will be posted the day of the meetings and you simply click on that.

Thanks so much Karen x

Hi all. I hope I am replying in the correct place as I haven’t quite figured out the posting/replying thing. I was so moved and grateful fir your comments.
I have reached out to two ladies who are now messaging me everyday. It has made a huge difference to my mental state. I woke in my usual panic last night then when I woke the next time I was much calmer. Just knowing there is someone there to share my day with helps do much. I thought that I was pathetic needing this support then realised I had the support of my husband before so needing a continued support system was not pathetic but natural . You have been do kind with your empathy. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.


Smile .were on the same journey as each other. This group is more like a family .sending you hugs


Yeh thats so true … we had the support of our darling husbands or wives … i never thought of that before but its true that is :frowning: xxx


Hi I have lost the closest person to me and understand the feeling of being alone and I personally am also sacred. I have lost my confidence and don’t see a point anymore. You are not alone, sadly so many on this site all going through so many emotions. I wish there was a community that we could all meet and talk, have a coffee so you don’t feel so alone. I hope being on the site helps, when you read other stories you know you are not alone.