Anniversaries? Time for something new.

I tried to play my Uke last night. I can play! It’s very slow, and I’m struggling to remember the chords, but it’s enough to encourage me to try again. I’m delighted you mentioning your Uke has given me a push to dust the cobwebs off mine.

I admire your bravery with the potholing experience. I’m scared of narrow dark spaces, sum it wouldn’t be for me. I hope you enjoy it, and tell us all about it.

@paeony . That’s fantastic! I’m sure that within hours the chords will come back to you, you’ll still struggle with getting to Em quickly enough, and realise you still can’t play an E or an F9, but who cares? I’m really chuffed for you. Don’t forget to get that guitar as well!! Strum on!!!

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@tykey yes, it is great. Now I have something to do on a rainy day - ha ha!

Im still thinking about guitars. Have you any pointers that i should look for? Obviously dont want to spend a fortune, but presumably a basic guitar from Amazon is not the best way to go?

I made the mistake of going to Amazon for my first guitar, the neck twisted!!
The best thing is to look out your local guitar shop, who sells secondhand instruments. Go and talk to him about what style you want to play. I just want to “furtle” in my conservatory just trying out things, and making my own “ambient” relaxing music. I’m rarely interested in playing existing songs. If he’s worth his salt, he’ll suss out the best one for you, and the type of strings to choose.
Be aware that there are really two basic types you’ll see, the usual acoustic, and the Classical one. The classical one might seem good, because the neck is wider, and there is more space for your fingers to get in there, but the top string is much more difficult to reach, but it might be better if you want to excel at such as flamenco. I’ve got two acoustic ones. As a rough guide, you should be able to get one second hand perfectly good for you to start with for around £200 or less. Look for reviews from google. Make sure it’s set up properly before you take it home. Good luck.

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Hiya, that looks brilliant. I’d give it a go. I‘ve just signed up for crayfishing by RIB boat on my forthcoming cruise! Wanted to give the sea fishing a try but that was booked up.
I’m planning to do one thing on each day of the cruise that I wouldn’t normally do. Even if it’s only the origami class! My lovely life coach, Roy, is big on challenging yourself. And he’s right isn’t he. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go well, it’s the fact that you’ve done it. And that makes you feel proud of yourself. Take care all x


@Arvia Wow that sounds brilliant. Hope you enjoy. I do much tamer things than the two of you. I have booked a weeks watercolour painting course at the end of the year. Something i always wanted to do, but not sonething my husband was interested in. Im going on my own, so wont know anyone on the course.

My challenge at the moment is to use the yes word more often if people invite me to do things, like play golf, bowls, meal out etc. Its far too easy to use the ‘N’ word and stay in your comfort zone.

Good luck both of you!


Hi @Arvia. ooh!! A life coach!!! Ive just googled that and it sounds perfect for kickstarting us into our new lives.

Hi @tykey, this is such a beautiful way to remember your wife :heart:

Have you ever come across a book called the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron? I suspect it would appeal to you and give you lots of ideas for new challenges :smiling_face:

Thank you for sharing some positivity and hope :pray:

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I think watercolour painting sounds wonderful. And you’ll have something in common straight away. I think it’s our default position to say no and saying yes is so unfamiliar. I went to a meeting last night with a view to doing some volunteering and, after a long day at the coal face of the NHS, didn’t want to bother. But I pushed myself and I’m so glad. It looks great fun and I can’t wait to start. Well done to you. Sometimes we need our comfort zone but we also need to leave it to live! Take care x

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…and another thing! Not really a major challenge, more of an interest with good food at the end (hopefully). I’m going to have another go at making sourdough bread. I used to do it, but I wasn’t a great success.
Maybe this time?

PS must stop thinking!!!


Hi @paeony . I have a little challenge for you. There is a lovely gentle song, which recognises the value of those friends who just turn up and support us during those early desperate days of our journey.
It’s a quite easy song with a gentle rhythm, and still quite nice on a uke. It’s one of the few songs I just sit and play to my dogs.

The challenge is to play and sing it of course.

If you accept this challenge, I’ll be happy to send you the chords.

The alternative challenge is to come and play a duet with me in a pothole!!


Good morning! After feeling inspired to challenge myself yesterday I seem to have booked ‘stand up paddle boarding’!! Possibly followed by ‘lie down in A&E’… Have a good day everyone x


@tykey What a lovely song. Never heard it before. I accept that challenge - as I wont be going anywhere near a pothole :rofl: it will take me a while, but I’ll give it a go.

@Arvia You definitely have an adventourous spirit. Enjoy!

Here you go @paeony , here’s the chords.

And @Arvia , that’s fantastic, well done!!

Of course we expect videos of you both doing these challenges.

My challenge of tooting a flute is this afternoon, I’ll try to get a little video of it, but if I manage two notes that might be a bit optimistic!

Sorry, @paeony , I forgot to attach the chords RAINY DAY PEOPLE CHORDS (ver 2) by Gordon Lightfoot @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Well I managed one toot!!


Bravo! Bravo! :clap: :smiling_face:

I started this thread about doing something challenging on the Anniversaries that Penny and I share. It’s been a wonderful thread because so many people have joined in with developing a positive attitude, thank you all!! It’s inspired me as well. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Any road up, I’ve decided that as close to the 18th this month (the day Penny left us), I’m doing this!!

The potholing is still planned for our Wedding Anniversary in May, when I’m planning to be the first person ever to play a kazoo song in a pothole. :crazy_face:
The flute is coming on very well, already, my tooting is improving immeasurably. I’ll video it for you as soon as I manage to change the toots into a real note!


Fabulous. I‘ve done some abseiling in the past and it’s really good fun. You’ll totally smash it. x


I’m also planning to play a song on my Kazoo on the way down. I don’t think that’s ever been done before. I could perhaps play Penny’s favourite song?

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