Another horrible Weekend

Hi I’m feeling lost and miserable just like everyone else. It just seems will never get easier.
It’s 9months now since my lovely husband left me and feel so angry I am on my own too. I feel bad that I feel like this and miss him so much for months now I’ve put a face on and get through the days but today it’s been hard. I thought I was getting better but just so overwhelming I can’t seem to believe all this has happened. I’m trying to be brave and cove but tonight it’s just to much and tears rolling down my face as I’m writing this


Hi Ang1949, I’m sorry your having such a sad and miserable day. It will get easier, it’s a slow process of two steps forward and one back.
My husband has been gone 14 months, and the last few weeks I feel as if I’ve have gone back to the beginning. So I understand how your feeling tonight. Grief is a rollercoaster of emotions, one minute your crying, next angry then just lost. There is no magic solution just time.
I try to keep myself busy, I still work, as well as going to I also volunteer at church. I go to my local community centre for coffee. I spend time with my family and have network of friends I meet up with for lunch. I love gardening and have to keep it special for Doug. I do anything to keep my mind occupied, because once I stop and return to an empty house that is when the sadness comes and tears fall.
Give yourself time sending love and hugs :hugs: Debbie X X

Yes I know it’s hard and sometimes just gets to much. I will be OK today I’m sure as family coming for dinner it will be a nice day.

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Enjoy being with your family today, days like these when your with family helps you get through the rest. :heart:

Dear Dipstick.

I know exactly what you are going through and send Sincere Condolences for your Loss.:broken_heart:

I myself is going through the same as My Partner Passed Away in her afternoon nap on April 2nd.

I am Destroyed inside and my tears are still Daily and I Awake in the night sobbing my heart out and can’t then go back to sleep. .

I just cannot put into words the Heartache and inside hurt I feel. I have no appetite.and so exhausted.

It’s like I am in a trance not knowing what time or day or night it is and my balance is out the window as I keep just falling down

I just do not know what to do with myself and I can’t do a thing without it becomes a disaster. dropping things in having no concentration on anything I am trying to do it becomes a muddled mess.

Anyway my friend I hope I/ we soon get a hold on ourself and begin to see a way forward.

Our life is changed forever and I suppose we must adjust a little at a time.

We must Remember The Good Times and that Love Is Forever ! so lean into those is all I can say along with
Best wishes to you ! Pop❤️‍🩹

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Thank you Debbie there very special aren’t they. I couldn’t do without mine. Life really wouldn’t be worth living. Hope you are doing OK today and thank you for your thoughts xx


You feel start to feel better, it’s early days yet.

Just take each day as they come. Don’t worry about making a muddle. Sleep when you can.

There are places that delivery ready made home cooked food. Look on the Internet to find one close to u. That way you don’t gave to worry about preparing and cooking for yourself.

If you are falling over make an appointment to see your ĢP.

Hope you feel better soon.

Lynda. Ps I lost my hubby 7 yrs ago, very suddenly so I understand how you’re feeling


Yes weekends and bank hols are hard to cope with I lost my partner Karen 19mths ago I live on my own no family no decent friends most have passed away over the yrs we have to carry on I always say to people who don’t understand what we are going through it will happen to one of them one day people forget we live we die so I hope they get support not like me me and Karen always talked about one of us dying she had cancer for 17yrs she was 52 i am62 always thought I would go 1st wish it was but we soldier on and on for them

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