Anti depressants

So 13 wks on monday i lost my partner i was put on 15mg of mirtazapine to help me sleep didnt make much difference after so then the dr told me to up to 30mg well after finally getting my prescription i took 2 last night as said within an hr I felt so drowsy and could barley keep my eyes open i went to bed slept til half 11 an hour later i was tired again just feel so wiped out today anyone else experienced anything like this? Thinking of phoning the drs monday x

Mirtazapine can make people very drowsy, I asked my doctor if I could try it for my depression and anxiety last year, took one dose, had a quite serious side effect, so never took it again, but I researched it a lot before taking it and a lot of people said it totally knocks them out.

There’s a lot more I can write about it, and how it affects people, and the ways in which you can lessen the side effects, all of which isn’t my own personal opinion but actual medical advice, but what’s the use, the last time I did that my post was moderated because I broke the rule of giving medical advice, except I wasn’t giving medical advice, I was repeating what the NHS and NICE guidelines are.

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Yeah im not taking any tonight not after last night i think i will phone drs monday explained how 2 made me feel and see what they say never experienced anything like it with medication it was like i was drunk and could hardly keep my eyes open horrible feeling and came on so sudden x

I had a quick look at the NHS website and it stated on there that Mirtazapine ‘usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks to work’, and that 'the usual starting dosage is 15 to 30mg a day. It also states that ‘it is not a sleeping tablet but that it can make you sleepy and that this can be helpful if you have depression and difficulties getting to sleep’.
(If it made you very sleepy, it may be worth asking your GP if you could take a tablet in the morning and one in the day.)
I am not surprised that you were/are having trouble sleeping and are feeling wiped out, because it is only 13 weeks ago since you lost your partner which is a tremendous loss. When you read other people’s stories you will find that tiredness and insomnia are very common problems.
When I lost my dad, someone said to me that grief is very hard work, and that I could expect to feel exhausted, and she was right. My mum suffered from what we thought was depression after she had lost dad, but both er GP and a specialist told her that she was grieving and that the feeling she had were a normal part of that. Sleeping was a big problem for her too, even when she was giving some medication. What helped her a bit was listening to relaxing music, and having a little night light on.
Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. It is good that you have asked your GP for support and that you have come to this site. I hope that the responses you get and the stories you read will help you. Jo

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I was recently reading an article that said that people who were grieving should never be given anti depressants etc. A psychiatrist said that if anyone was sent to him that was grieving and been given medication he took them off it immediately as they should grieve naturally. I have problems some nights. Waking up in the early hours and then dropping off to sleep when I should be getting up or falling to sleep early evening but I will continue to manage it naturally as I don’t want to be drugged. I prefer to let my body find it’s own solution. There is always alternatives that have no side affects. I agree with the night light and music, much better.
Good luck to you all.


Hi was on 15mg to start with one a night but didnt really sre any difference but taking 2 at night was awful so maybe i could try 1 in morn and night will speak to the dr monday x

I really didnt want to go down the route of anti depressants as i feel they would stop me grieving properly but i have really been struggling not just sleep but just in general emotionally physically amd mentally but i dont want to statt relying on them for long period of time x

I actually had to convince my GP to give Mirtazapine to me last year (which she did). Did the GP say this is just for your insomnia or for depression? It would be a good idea to clarify exactly what you were prescribed this for if you do not already know.

As Patti says, many doctors believe anti-depressants shouldn’t be given in the early stages of grief, but people are different, and for some people it can be beneficial for them to take it. There is no “one size fits all” rule when it comes to mental health and medication. I could write a lengthy post about anti-depressants and the differing views amongst academics on their efficacy and whether they should be given for something like grief within the first few months, but the last time I did that Sue Ryder removed two paragraphs, claiming I was giving medical advice (I wasn’t giving medical advice, I was giving the differing opinions of academics!), so I am not going to waste my time again, all I will say is that if your GP prescribes anti-depressants, then you should take them, and if you don’t want to take them, then you should only stop doing so after discussing it with your GP.

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I was like that on mirtazapine, now on sertraline and far better but it doesn’t help with sleep. I lost my mum on 10th August and am so shattered.
Sue X

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Thank you i need help with sleep and depression will see what drs suggest tomorow x

It is worth talking to your GP. I’m struggling to get up today. It’s not easy. X

Yes Abdullah, a very difficult subject. Opinions vary so much even among doctors. My view is that they can act as a crutch to get over the worst. Why suffer when help is at hand? But I would not venture into the whys and wherefores of this very personal subject. We must be advised by our doctor. They know us and can offer what help is appropriate.
Best wishes. John.


I agree, each GP is different, plus our advanced clinical practioner is different. I was going on the help I needed before I lost my mum, to the help I need now. It doesn’t stop the grief but helps you through it I think. But we are all different in so many ways. It’s nice to be able to talk things through and have help through these terrible hard times. Regards Sue Xx

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I was on 15mg to help me get to sleep which helped a bit but then found myself waking alot again but because i was really struggling emotionally and mentally the dr put me up to 30mg which made me really drowsy wiped out .
Phoned drs this.morning first thing still waiting for a call back!

Have you heard from doctors?? They’ve just put me back on them at night and sertraline in a morning.
Advanced Clinical Practioner says it’s severe grief.

Hope you can get some help. What’s going of in the world doesn’t help either Xx

Hi no been waiting all day i phoned first thing too will have to try again in the morning see whats happening

Yes try again this morning. Xx

So drs finally got back to me yesterday instead kf me taking 2 at night i can split 1 at night 1 in morning see how we go now x

It’s took them sometime to get back to you but so pleased they have. Fingers crossed they help you splitting them!
How you doing?? X

Feel ok so far not zonking me out now but daughters 12th birthday today so im finding it hard to keep it together trying mt best though xx