Thought I was coping ok since losing my husband a year ago then along comes more trauma
My sister in law passed away with cancer
My dad had to go into a care home following an increase in his dementia symptoms
Having to give my dads house up
My brother in law recently diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct and pancreas he going in for major surgery today
My grandson (who was with my hubby from day one of diagnosis until his passing) now struggling with his grief/emotions

When do we get a break??!!

How do you all cope ?
I’m using bachs rescue remedy (mix my own) and these are helping


Hello @Anne577, I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with anxiety right now. It’s understandable given how much you’re coping with. I am really sorry to hear of the death of your husband and your sister in law - most of our members have experienced the loss of a loved one and will understand some of what you are going through.

Mind have some self-care tips for anxiety that you might find helpful. There is also a very supportive thread for members who are experiencing anxiety. You can find it here: Anxiety

I hope you find the community to be a support to you. Take good care,



So sorry for the loss and trauma you are struggling with. I can definitely relate. When indeed do we get a break!!
Lost my dad to pancreatic cancer 11 years ago just weeks before I got married. Eight years ago my beautiful 30 year old neice was also lost to cancer. My darling mum was then diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she passed away three and a half years ago. Then 1st Nov 2021 my world fell apart when my wonderful husband was taken by covid pneumonia and just two days later his brother was gone too.
I thought I was doing okay but leading up to the one year anniversary everything went pear shaped and it feels as though I’m right back to square one. Emotions all over the place cry at the drop of a hat. You know the feeling!

My answer about coping is that like us all on this journey some days we cancer better than others. At the moment I’m not coping.
Do you really find the bachs remedies helpful?

Sorry about the rant. At least we can off load on here.


When I lost my sister to cancer to be blunt I turned to whiskey, started of as a hot toddy on a night to help me sleep, that became every night, then I started to put it in my coffee on a morning, then every coffee when I’d gone through a bottle in a week I realised heck this could develop into a real issue if I don’t stop. I stopped.
I’ve used bachs remedies in the past for panic attacks. They helped a bit.

The bachs is amazing I buy the ready made then add to it whichever flower fits my situation just go on the bachs page

Just had good news my brother in law got through the op!! Long road ahead but baby steps

My hubby would have been 70 today :heart: He would be so proud of his brother

My first time on this site and I’m amazed at the support offered thank you everyone x


I THOUGHT things could not get ah worse .my wife passed 2019 then my brother 2020 then my other brother 2021…it was so hard to take it all in .so the last 3 years was so bloody bad .you cant explain to people how you feel. i did start to drink quite a lot but it does not help cause the pain is still there in the morning .so live day to day hoping as time goes by it might get that little better. You all keep safeaand warmTONY

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Thank you, I’ll definitely have a bit more of a look at Bach’s.

So pleased it’s good news for your brother in law and wish him a smooth road to recovery.
I’m sure your hubby would be proud of both of you.


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Pleased I read this I’m going to try Bach’s too, just ordered and it will arrive tomorrow
Anything that helps my anxiety I seem to jump at anything
Never been like this …
sending hugs x

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