Has anyone suffered from constant Anxiety since the death of a loved one?


I found out on this forum that anxiety seems to be quite common. Mine started quite soon after my husband died in sept just in my stomach when I was going anywhere. Over the months it got worse and it was there when I was just at home or in bed trying to get to sleep. I went to the doctors a few weeks ago and he gave me tablets which have helped and I’m going for some counselling.
Seek help from your doctor if you feel you need it. I really didn’t want to start taking anti depressants but I’m so pleased I have. I didn’t realise how bad I was until I started feeling better.


Yes I too have suffered with anxiety since my partner died last November After weeks of no sleep I sort help from ny GP and they recommended medication My sleep pattern is better and the feelings of anxiety were becoming more msnageable until the long Easter weekend when they kicked in again. Counselling does help and reaching out and talking helps to Take care


Same as you my anxiety kicked in again a bit the last few days but manageable. I just put it down to it being Easter and everyone else out and about and I was home alone quite a bit of it. Xx

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Hi all,
I’m glad you all seem to be coping with anxiety.I feel as though I have a constant hard knit in my stomach and often feel quite panicky.
I was fine for the first six weeks after Malcolm died probably because I was protected by has been there months now and my anxiety levels are really high.
I have seen my GP and an taking antidepressants,hope they help.x

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Suffering with really bad anxiety since my mum went. First thing in the morning is the worst time.


I’m on anti depressants (sertraline) too. Been taking them just over a month and they have helped. Anxiety still there a bit at times but it’s manageable. They have definitely helped with my mood.
Hope they help you xx

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Me too first thing in the morning I feel physically sick,my stomach churns and I dread the day ahead.
How do cope with it?
I am trying guided meditation and breathing techniques though I feel so tense I find it very difficult.

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Hi Barbara,
I’m in an Antidepressant called Citalopram and have been for four months but it doesn’t help me at all so I’m going back to my doctor to see if I can change it for one that helps with anxiety.x

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How long is it since you lost your Mum?Do you still have your Dad and other relatives?If you tell them about your issues with anxiety they may be able to help.
My anxiety is severely affecting my life now and I am trying self help and Barbara mentioned an Antidepressant.Sertraline which is probably better than the one I take at the moment.x

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Hello Shirley,
What medication did your doctor recommend?My partner died in January and as I said for the first six weeks I organised everything,from the funeral to contacting all the various agencies,the bank and engaging with a solicitor and financial adviser.
I was extremely distressed especially as his death was sudden and unexpected.Everyone said how well I was coping but as I mentioned I must have been in shock and disbelief,I was in autopilot,then suddenly everything that needed to be done was done and anxiety has set in,I just want to try to lower the anxiety a little so that I can face the world.At the moment I keep myself busy around the house and garden but it is almost as if there was a force field around the house that want let me go further than the garden.x

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@Pushkin28 - I think you’re right that the first few weeks are filled with the shock and the “admin” of losing your loved one. The anxiety comes when real life returns and other people stop checking on you so often.
I am back at work after losing my husband 15 weeks ago but it’s tough. I don’t like or enjoy life now but I find myself reassuring people that I’m doing ok. I think I feel that’s what people expect from me now.
I hope that time will help the pain to become more bearable for us but it sounds like neither of us are there yet. Take care.


I tried 2 antidepressant to help me sleep but they made me feel worse. Now on mirtazapine and it has helped I do sleep on average off and on for about 5 to 6 hours through the night. The anxiety comes and goes I don’t fight it anymore it’s worse first thing in the morning and eases off through the day some days are better than others. Talk to your GP and see what they feel is the best option for you

Hi all,
Am so sorry that you are all having to deal with awful anxiety, it really is horrible. I’m the same. Definitely the mornings are worst with a heavy chest, it can be hard to breathe, and palpitations. It eases as the day goes on. I was also not sleeping well and recently I have been using a weighted blanket at night, and it does seem to help. The weight helps to relax you. I’m definitely sleeping better than I was.
Take care
Amanda x

I would go back to the doctors. My daughter takes sertraline and works for her anxiety. My doctor said it was for anxiety and depression. I think sometimes it takes a while to find the right medication as what works for one person mightn’t work for another.
Good luck xx


It’s been 9 weeks tomorrow. My dad called me the night she was rushed in to hospital but wasn’t very nice. They are divorced. He’s bot spoken to me since. I have my younger sister and she also gets quite anxious. Friends have all deserted me pretty much. I have 2 children. Their dad left 2 years ago. He has just started divorce proceedings also… just feel so alone and scared.

Yes I experience it a lot and I find myself unable to visit large busy places because of it.

Hi Flossy,
You should be proud of yourself at least you have the courage to return to work.I’m retired now and so was my partner so I don’t have to get up and go to work now.
The anxiety has such a grip on me that although I don’t lie in bed being miserable I just can’t seem to get the courage together to venture far from home.x

I don’t think I have any choice Shirley.I don’t think I am actually depressed but I am certainly going through the dreadful grieving process.It’s the anxiety that is really dreadful,panic attacks are horrendous.
I know some Antidepressant medication is supposed to help with severe anxiety so I will speak to my doctor.if I go on like this I’ll be a prisoner in my own home.x

Hi Amanda,
It’s good to know I am not the only one who is badly affected by anxiety.I think most people are affected occasionally in their lives but I never knew it could be so bad that I feel like a hostage to my emotions.x

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