Does anyone else get anxious?
I never did before my wife died 7 weeks ago
Today it’s lasting all day
Plus I didn’t sleep well so that could contribute to anxiety I don’t know
The anxious feelings though have been coming every day normally the mornings but today it’s all day

@Terry01 Yep, I think tbh, anxiety is one of the worst symptoms of grief. The sudden change to your circumstances leaves you suddenly lacking in confidence. I’ve noticed this in my mum since my Dad died. It’s normal & only the bereaved understand it. You just hope it’ll eventually lessen. Try some distraction activities in the daytime at least.


Thank you. I’m not alone then
Much appreciated

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I am so sorry for your loss. For me It’s is like nothing else I have ever known.
I lost my Dad and he was both parents to me and since he passed late last year, my anxiety has hit the roof. I’m petrified of the nights now and scared of someone breaking in and my bereavement counsellor, reckons, that maybe, because I have lost the security of my Dad, it make the anxiety levels and fear grow. I don’t have the security of my Dad anymore. I hate life without him. I have to believe I will see him again though.


Thank you
Yes it’s the being alone that sudden loss of connection that eats at you. I hope it eases for us

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Yes, the loss of that connection is the worst feeling in the world.
We need to try and be kind to ourselves, through these dark times.
No one understands the pain, the hollowness, the utter sadness and tears, like a person bereaved. I’ll never be the same again, I’ll be a different version of me now, because I lost my best friend, in my Dad, so how can we ever be the same, when we lose our loved ones, we lose a part of who we are.
I feel like I’ve lost my identity.

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Exactly. I loved what we were and find it too late in life to start anew.
One day at a time. For me it’s an hour at a time x

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Yes, constant anxiety and panic attacks too. It’s really awful, but seems normal. It’s probably a reaction to having our world turned upside down. So sorry for your loss. :heart:

Oh god yes panic attacks, I’m always on the edge of them and then having them. What is wrong with me? :broken_heart:Xx


My anxiety use to be bad but laying next to my fiancé etc calmed me down now it’s worse than ever since he passed away 6 month ago the pain is still raw and my anxiety is worse I do sleep for few hours then awake early mornings your not alone but if suffering cause of anxiety talk to your doctor also we are all here to talk to you x so sorry for your loss

Aww I feel your pain losing the
half of you makes you incomplete is your mum still a round your so young aswell I lost both my parents years ago and I could do with my mum right now just to guide me and give me love and support I believe my parents are with me all the time xx

My mother isn’t bothered about me, she has done nothing but belittle me and is very toxic.
My Dad divorced her, he brought me up single handedly and he was all I had and now I am just me, myself and I and It feels like the walls have collapsed all around me.
Grief is the worst kind of pain, I can only hope, that we can find a way to keep going, even though I don’t really see a life for me now.
I have been in touch with my doctor yes. I have an appointment to see her. Just want to turn the clocks back and be with my Dad again and maybe I could have saved him. He needed a new heart, I would have given him half of mine.

Oh my god so sad
I’ve just got off the phone to my gp and he’s given me something for anxiety hopefully your doc can help x

I’m just filled with anxiety and my nerves are shot. I’m so scared of life without Dad. Glad you have got something from the doctor to help you.

Nothing wrong, you’re in mourning. :heart: I think the panic comes from not understanding it too. We can’t grasp it because it fundamentally incomprehensible that a person can be there one moment and not the next.

Yes… my mum died 12th October 2023 and feeling very anxious and filled with a sense of dread and fear. Never experienced anything like it before and living with constant anxiety is terrifying :frowning:


It looks like anxiety is a big part of grief and there’s nothing we can do to help it, apart from support from the doctor. It’s the detachment of security of the loved one and the knowing we are separated, it’s brutal.


Same here, although I have slowly learned how to manage the anxiety. I used to always find it hard to go out of the house, and I still have some moments like this but I just try and think logical thoughts, as advised by a counsellor. Like, “I’ve walked down the same road hundreds of times before and I’d always been safe”. It can still get to me but trying to change how I think has helped. It needs constant practice though. Another thing that helped me is just being with people that know what I’m going through. I didn’t have to talk much, they respected my silence. It’s tough and I hope you get through it.

Thinking of you
Hope you get some rest tonight

@Samantha7 I know how you feel. It’s like you’re constantly on edge awaiting the next catastrophe. When my Dad was in hospital, I dreaded the phone ringing or taking that walk across the carpark to the hospital. This feels the same. Are we destined to learn to live with this aswell as the absence of our loved ones? Will it suddenly vanish when we reach a certain milestone?

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