Any older widowed without children (55+) here ?

Hi Lola,
Thank you for your message.
I am in stressful situation.
It is not simple lost my beloved one.
It is i was informed that what happened by 3rd party.

Glad to see you on here Jason. I’ve been thinking about you. We are all here for you.

It is very stressful for me.
Homeless, helpless, hopeless.
I am trying to get a job .

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Keep persevering your doing great x

Opposite party said my partner disliked the last few months time with me.
I am shocked.

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That was a very cruel thing to tell you with everything you are going through. My prayers are with you Jason.

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Thank you.
I know the truth.

@JasonJason Glad to know that you are hanging in… please keep going. It is hard now, with some time, I believe you would find it more manageable. And if anyone tells me negative things, I find that it is much better that I forgive and let them go. Simply there is no more energy to be concerned about their insensitivity. I pray daily now to get through each day…I pray for you …ok… :pray: :two_hearts:

Thank you.
It seems not that simple.
Legal battle

Going through a legal battle while you are still grieving is terrible. I also am dealing with legal issues with my spouse’s family while missing my partner everyday.

I prepared the worst qith nothing left on me, but I know the truth.

I don’t believe that when people are on end
Of life they say all sorts my fiancé ex wife and daughter said he hated me come the end but I was the one who spoke to him an hour on phone before he passed which I didn’t know he was actually dying so so sad believe she loved you and will always be with you

Thank you.
I understood.
I am sure my partner understands and believes my feeling for my partner.
I believe my partner would never did anything to hurt me or to put revenge on me. No matter what happened, i don’t blame anyone, i forgive everyone.
I am sorry for everything i did to my partner which caused anger, upset, annoyed, badgered, and made my partner feel repelled. I sincerely ask my partner’s forgiveness. I thank for everything partner did for me. I love and miss my partner always and forever in my heart.
I want our home back. I don’t want our home to be sold. We did work together.
We lived there together for 14 years.
I don’t want as my partner is gone, everything related to my partner would be removed.

I am homeless.
I was forced to leave our home.
I want to move back and continue to live in our home.

@JasonJason I understand this, our home is where our lives are still preserved there. There are so much precious memories.