Any one ever been to a Medium / Spiritualist?

I lost my dear Mum in October last year and since then, my world has become very dark. She was not only my Mum, she was my best friend. I take one day at a time, an hour at a time when things get really bad,

I was just wondering if any one has ever been interested or curious about going to a Medium? I’m open minded to it. Not looking for any specific answers as such just want to know if she’s still around or looking over me. I know you have to be careful with these things as there’s plenty of people out there who are more than happy to take advantage of someone (especially when there at their most vulnerable)
I don’t have any personal experience myself but possibly open to explore it (if it gives me any comfort n peace)


Hi Mark. I have been twice. My husband died of cardiac arrest. It was all very sudden and I did not get chance to say goodbye. I prayed each night to let me know he was safe and happy and that he loved me. The first thing he said when he came through was tell he I love her three times. He also said you are not keeping the landing light on. He left it on every night. The medium got his name right. Described him and told me many things that were personal to us that nobody else would know. She said tell her to look after the dog. I had just bought a new puppy. He also said changing the locks are a good idea. I had talked of my sister changing the locks as she had just come out of a bad relationship. I do believe that we can talk to the spirit of our loved ones. I only gave my first name and paid cash. She knew nothing about me but was on the nail with what she said x. Good luck with finding an honest medium. You will only know with what is said x


Thanks for sharing Nel, happy you had a positive experience and gave you some comfort x


I have just had a session over the telephone with a Physic Medium, the first ever time I have done this. She knew my husbands name, illness and even down to him losing his voice. She also knew the name of my dog that had also passed and the name of my son . She also told me about my grandparents and got facts correct about two other members of my family who had passed. She even mentioned something in the house that I had changed and that my husband knew about it. She mentioned the name of a work colleague that had also passed. I cannot tell you how much comfort I have from this session and knowing that my husband is still around. I believe it 100%. . She said it was good to talk to him and that he will wait for me when I pass.
I know I was lucky to find such an excellent Medium , she has brilliant reviews and I believe to be one of the best. I will say that I waited until a year had past before I did this . I hope that if you do go down this road then you get the same amount of comfort as I have x


Hi Mark. Trust in a medium is essential. There are quite a few charlatans out their charging exorbitant prices for nothing they couldnt find on Facebook etc.
Have a look online, Facebook or TicToc for a guy called David Traynor. Watch some of his lives and you will be totally amazed. He is No1 in my eyes, so genuine and his prices for 1to1s are really good. I have had many small messages though him from my dear wife and it hasn’t cost me anything. This helped me noend over the last 18 mths. If you are half Interested seek him out, I’m sure you will be convinced he is genuine. Love and Light. RobinH

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Wendy could you private message me with the details of your medium. I don’t know how to private message you xx

Hi. Is it possible to tell me the details of the medium and what area she is in. As you know there are aoad of frauds out there with wishy washy comments
I need something specific like your reading. Thanks

Hi markbton,

I have been to see a psychic/medium a few times since my mum/sister and my husband passed. Me and my twin sister had lost our older sister in 2015. We went to see a psychic (who we had seen before a couple of times). He came to us and asked why he was getting ‘Allerton’ and ‘Cilla Black’. My sister lived in Allerton and also had the same funeral directors as Cilla Black, who had died four weeks or so before our Carol. He also said he was getting a ‘sister’ vibe, as oppose to a ‘mum’ or ‘aunt’ vibe. He said she knew we all loved her, and all this gave us much comfort. At the end of 2018, so sadly my husband died. Six months after this, my twin sister lost her son to suicide. Not really knowing where to turn, I booked this psychic for a FaceTime meeting. He said some things about my husband which were nice but not all that relevant, (although he did sketch a picture and emailed it to me - and this sketch was of a man with a goatee beard, which my husband had had for only a few months before he died) but then asked me about a relative who had died recently and was a younger person (my nephew was 43). He said to tell his mum he was so sorry but that he couldn’t go on any longer. He said that he had tried so hard (which was absolutely true) but he felt that nobody cared much anymore apart from his mum. He said he didn’t ever want to speak to his dad anymore (my sister divorced her husband many years ago). This psychic spoke so much about my nephew, and there is no denying that the things he said were so true. I personally (who never believed any of this in earlier years) just have to believe what this psychic said, because how could he have ever known a lot of the things he said? He also told us that some people are a bit timid and scared to come through - and I believe that is why my mum has never come through.
My husband told me in intensive care that he would always love me and would try to watch over me. Over the last three years, some strange things have happened (a song in a pub me and my sister visited - as soon as we walked in, this song (his favourite song ever - Walking in Memphis) played, a song we played at his funeral that came on the radio constantly, and since have never heard). I also saw a lady psychic a few weeks after my husband died. She said ‘do you know where he wants to be now?’. I said not really, and she said Llandudno. I was very shocked as this was his favourite place to visit, and apparently he had told my daughter he wanted his ashes taking there, which is what we did months later. Please think about seeing a medium/psychic. I now feel this has helped me a lot since the death of my mum, my sister, my husband and my nephew in the last eight years. I hope so much that this can bring you some comfort :two_hearts: :two_hearts: xx


Hi Lesley

I also saw a medium 3 months after my son died. She was so accurate in everything she said even told me his name. This medium has been on TV with her husband they have been in a few documentaries too. It was a very long way for me to travel so not planning on going to see her again but would be interested in finding another that is recommended . I have seen a another which really did not have a clue. The things she told me were totally the opposite so that did put me off for a while. But I am open to other peoples view on their experiences.


Hi Robin,

I have seen David Traynor many, many times. Three times he has picked me out from a crowded room with me and my friend sat at the back. What he has told me helps me a lot. I did have a FaceTime meeting with him in 2020 which I would say was very successful. I would definitely recommend him to others :two_hearts: :two_hearts: xx


Hi Katherine1,

I think a lot of mediums are genuine people (certainly I have seen David Traynor many, many times). He does travel around the country so have a look on his website or on facebook to see where he is and when. Sadly there are some who are not as genuine. Me and my sister went to see one in lockdown. The room wasn’t that big so we were hoping to be chosen from the small crowd. Well, he stumbled over everything he said, and nobody could make much sense out of anything he told them. The whole night was ridiculous! I have seen two other mediums though who seemed very genuine and said some relevant things. I never have believed in all this, then my mum died when I was just about to be sixty, and my friend bought me a ticket to see David Traynor. I was very surprised at her buying this, but she said she thought my mum might come through. She never did, but the night was so interesting and from then on I believe there is someone helping and watching over us, who we will eventually see again one day :heart: :heart: xx


Wendy could you pm me too. Please

I saw a medium after my son died who was fantastic - gave me accurate messages even how he died . Told me names etc of family and my son passed messages to me that made me feel so much better . He said he’d read the letter I put in his coffin and actually dictated some of it ! The medium asked if he wore jewellery and I said he didn’t . She kept coming back to it , took my hand and said “ he says you’re wearing his ring “ - I wasn’t wearing his ring , I was wearing a ring he bought me when he was a teenager. I wear it all the time now . She’s told me so many true things . She’s great .


Thank you for the thoughtful reply Katherine
I’m happy that it has been a positive experience for you, giving you some peace and comfort;
I will be looking to possibly see one I think; I am curious and open minded to it although not quite sure where to look. I don’t want to fall hook line an sinker for a charlatan either, that won’t help me at all


I have been talking to a medium called Sarah Jayne Atherton for 16 years. She is absolutely spot on. You only tell her your name. Have a look at her website. She had great reviews. A very kind and genuine lady. She will record your reading and send it to you.

Hope you find some comfort in hearing from your loved one.
I personally find it so comforting that my Mum is at peace and able to still communicate with me :hugs:


Hi I am not saying that I do not believe in mediums but I lost my darling husband six years ago and I am still devastated. and desperately unhappy. I decided to go to a spiritualist church and wentvtwice a week for a year andcthen started to become disillusioned because during that time I had three so called contacts but wasxtold such utter rubbish nothing that I could even remotely recognise. At the time I told the psychic that I could not do so. I found thatvmost of the psychics were giving messages that were so generalised thatvthey could appky to anyone. Having said thst I did see one or two things that appeared genune especially when real specifics were given for example a person with an unusual first name. I dont think that spiritualists set out to decieve and they are a very kind friendky group but I gave up as I was not able to accept it and I guess I was loking fir proof which is a bit cynical. More recently I have had a number of things happen to me that were so strange and would be so like my lovely man that I sort of believe it. Even so I still hurt terribly. Not having any family doesnt help. I try not to be negative and I do try to br happy but six years on I am still heartbroken. I dont come to this site that often as it hurts to see that there are so many peoplecwith so much pain. Wishing everyone the best abd hope you csn sll in yout own way find peace x


Hi Bell. Sorry to hear your pain. I have also been to quite a few spiritual churches and I to have no faith in the mediums. My best friend use to come too and decided she wants to be a medium so coined a circle. Now she thinks she can do readings etc. There is nothing she can say to me that makes me believe all of a sudden she is now psychic. I think you need to be born with this gift. But don’t give up knowing their spirit is around you. Lots of little things happen to me so I know my son is there. Have you heard of John Edward a famous psychic in America… Reading his books help me. X

How lovely it’s been really positive for you Lozzo

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Hi Wendy,

My daughter passed away unexpectedly and without warning six months ago. My husband and I are having a hard time. I would dearly like to see a medium, but would rather see one that has been personally recommended. Please would you give the name of the lady you saw, or pm me. Thank you

I have a lovely person who I’ve been to . Taken family & friends. They have gone more times…they were thrilled with the connection she made .I do agree there is some dodgy people out there. My lady is in Wigan. Hope you find comfort :heart: