Anyone struggling to listen to music?

I lost my beautiful mum on the 9th of January and ever since I’m struggling to listen to music, some songs more than others. Does anyone else feel like this?

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Since my mum died on the 14th june I cannot listen to music at all. This makes me really sad as I always had my ipod or the radio on and mum and I were massive music fans.
All I can tolerate are talking shows like LBC
My eyes fill up with tears at adverts with music knowing that my mum will never listen again x

I’m so sorry for you loss. I always used to listen to all different music while I was in the gym, I’ve lost all motivation and struggle to listen to any sort of music, the ones my mum used to like are a big no go for me, it makes it all even more ‘real’ that she’s gone forever x

I agree.
My daughters 13th birthday today and mum isnt here
She must have died then…it sounds silly but a part of me doesnt accept it but she would never have missed her beloved granddaughters birthday so it must be true.
Cheryl x

I struggled to listen to music for a long time after my wonderful husband passed away. Then it got that I couldn’t get enough of it, always listening to the words and searching out songs which fit my grief. All this time I couldn’t sing either but I’m happy to say that I can now sing too and dance even. I was always singing and dancing when my husband was here. I used to drive him barmy with my constant singing. It will come back for you too. My husband passed away in June 2017. Xx

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It doesn’t sound silly, as my daughter’s birthday is coming up and I feel exactly the same. I’m sure they will be around us in some form to see our children’s special days, they wouldn’t have missed it in life and I’m sure they wouldn’t I’m spirit. X

That’s reassuring Kate.
Thankyou x

Thankyou. How old is your daughter? X

She’s five this time, I have three daughter,eldest is five this time, I have one at 3 and one at one so they keep me busy through the difficult days. I feel so blessed to have them. X

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I listen to my own music. Prince, 80’s stuff. Rock music. But I cannot listen to mums faves. Queen came on in Morrison’s and I sobbed. Some woman hugged me. Didn’t know her. Very kind of her. Said she understood how I felt. And she held me there in the frozen aisle. Where mum used to work.
mum loved Queen.

I can listen to some tracks that I like but it’s hard for me to listen to any slow music or anything relating to sadness. I haven’t even tried to listen to any specific music my mum used to like, I think I would probably break down. that’s really lovely to hear someone was so kind and hugged you when you felt sad, it just goes to show there are some really nice poeple out there. My mum also loved queen, she was a fan of all different kinds of music and so many tracks remind me of her, that’s why it’s so hard for me I think.

I love listening to classical music. Now if you knew me this would shock you as I’m not a typical classical music listener. But I like listening to classical music that has been in films. Like John Williams. It’s nice and soothing and doesn’t remind me of mum. And no words to tug at the heartstrings

Since Stan passed away, I cannot listen to music other than the ones which have been posted here.

They keep you going dont they? I dont know where I would be without mine. My mum adored her x

I know mary x

Yes they do! I have to say my daughter’s are the only reason I get out of bed in the mornings. My mum wouldn’t want me to give up, she went through some really hard times bringing me up on her own, she didn’t do that for nothing and I will live on for her and my children.x

I lost my husband on New Years Eve. Only in the last couple of days have I been able to listen to music. Today for VE Day , some neighbours , all couples and I have been outside having a tea party to celebrate. Keeping our social distancing. All the war time music was being played. Someone put on auld Lang’s Syne. I wanted to say please turn it off. But I am not confident enough. When we got home after he passed away, at midnight we all held hands then had a toast to his life. We will never be able to sing this song again or celebrate The New Year.
I too fit the words to songs, and remember the the past, but it is so difficult.
Everyone says the same , take one day at a time and that is all we can do.
Take care.xx

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I’m so sorry you had to suffer the loss of your husband on New year’s Eve. I’m the same when ive heard people playing sad music, I just feel like asking them if he could maybe turn it down a little, it makes me feel so sad, any type of slow music with me at the moment. Thank you for your message, and take care xx

I can’t listen to music since Stan died, I did a daft thing a couple of weeks ago, I forced myself to listen to some of our favourite music, I finished up in tears and I had a few really bad days after that.


My late wife and I didn’t share a taste in music - we liked completely different things. But I play my usual stuff and hear the words in a different way. They seem to say things to me that they didn’t before.
My empty house was getting me down, so I went looking for some music to cheer me up. I found Mexican mariachi music - loud, brash and very cheerful. Don’t understand a word but I find it very happy uplifting music. There’s lots on YouTube.