Back to work

I’m back to work tomorrow. Not been there since lockdown then losing my beautiful wife at end of may. I keep getting flashbacks throughout the whole day. Just don’t know how to cope. Totally new feelings.

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Wishing you all the best and strength to carry on! Take one day as it comes!


I hope it goes ok Jay. Work has been the best thing for me, providing some distraction. Having something else to think about can be a huge relief. Your grief will never be far away and will be waiting for you at the end of your shift. Stay strong Jay. xx

Thank you.

I really need to think about going back to work been off 4 months but as a nurse not sure I can face it. Good luck Jay let us know how the day goes

Yes, good luck Jay, do let us know how it went.

Good luck Jay let us know how you get on.

I lost Peter 5 weeks ago and I am starting to think about going back to work I just dread the head tilts when people ask how you are!

Hello Jen. Going back to work was nowhere near as difficult as I thought it might be. Yes there was the inevitable hugs but in the main colleagues were very sensitive to my feelings. I will forever remember how one lady simply touched my arm - no words - just a simple touch and it spoke a thousand words. xx

Well half way through. An emotional start. I work in a large shop and she was always part of my conversation. Had to come home at lunch as I never did that but would phone her. Colleagues are being good but they don’t know what to say. Trying so hard to keep it together. Oh well back to the second half

It will be very emotional coming home, and things being different to how they used to be. It will be a confirmation that this is your new “normality”, that things will never be the same as they were before. That life goes on, that you have to go back to work, to earn, to live, but the most important thing from your life, the thing that made it worth waking up in the morning and being happy, is gone.

I truly feel for you.

Jay you got through the morning good on you

Kate how long did you have off work I’m really thinking about it been off 4 months but it just seeing everyone and reliving questions in Mick

Oh well got through the day got in car then fell apart as going home to quiet empty house for the first time after work. At least the day went a little quicker

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Just a month Kim. I had to push myself to return because I was worried I would never go back if I stayed off too long, I’m glad I did. It was right for me. xx

You did it Jay. Well done. I used to literally sob in the car on my way home. I would scream and yell at the top of my voice. Thankfully, that has now passed. How was you cat without you? x

She’s fine. Give her food and all’s well. At least I’ve now got a reason to go home.
Thanks for asking

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Good on you Jay I’m looking to start back. Thank you Kate I know I have to do it x

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You off to work again today Jay? x

Yes another day trying to keep it together. Then I get a hug. Then try to compose myself. This pain just cuts and cuts and cuts

You are doing the right thing though Jay. Keep going. It will get easier and it will become the one place where you can go for some form of normality. x

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