Bank holidays

Another bank holiday,how I hate them. Families planning what they are going to do, couples making plans BBQs trips to the seaside and what have I got to look forward to. The truth is I’m jealous that they have a life and I haven’t since I lost my husband last march. Don’t get me wrong I have jobs to do to fill in this weekend just feel that everyone around has a life and now mine has stood still. What is it all about.?


Hi I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I am now to grief and for sure it’s tough. I have recently lost my mum and dad 6 days apart. I feel overwhelmed by grief, it’s all consuming but I guess that’s to be expected.

Weekends and bank holidays must be tough. I find keeping busy helps and is a distraction but sometimes I just don’t have the energy.

Thinking of you. X

Thanks Rachael 1966, sorry for your losses a double whammy for you. My energy levels are zero some days to. Thinking of you Ange60.

Agree with everything you say. I find weekends and bank holidays bad. I’ve been to my daughters today for dinner but they have their own plans for tomorrow which is only right as they need their own time. I have come home and it’s just me and my lovely cat again.xx


It’s a horrible existence isn’t it.Wish my other half was still here.


Angela 60
I totally agree with you about bank holidays, since I lost my husband I really hate them. I have a friend who is bereaved like me and we would gladly stay in bed all day but of course our families would be distressed about that so we just have to put in a smiley face and get on with it. I hope the holiday passes peacefully for you.

Thanks Carol9 one more day and it’s over and done with.

@Angela60 I can certainly relate. Today I have spent all day alone at my daughter’s home where I have been staying for the last 9 weeks. My son in law has a large family and they along with my grandson have spent the day having Sunday dinner with them. Tomorrow they are again spending the day together at a family picnic in a park some where. I know they have their own lives to live but each and everyone of them came to Cyprus when my daughter got married there 5 years ago. My husband and I bent over backwards to make sure they were made welcome and were on hand 24/7 if they had any problems that we could sort out. We had them all round for a BBQ at our home with outside caterers and drinks waiters. We also booked a traditional restaurant for a pre wedding meal at our expense for 46 of them. They all know that I am here and also that I am returning home next week. Did I expect an invite to their gatherings this weekend. Not really, but it would have been nice if one of them had asked me to join them at least on one day. Another lonely day alone tomorrow. x

@Heartbroken2022 you just can’t believe some people can you,wait until it happens to one of them. I’m so sorry they have left you on your own, what a horrible thing to do.Some people are just wrapped up in there own selfish world. Take care.

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I am so sorry you feel like this
It is so hard life without your loved ones
I was in a supermarket like you said every body planning their weekend
I just broke down my grief just hit me out of the blue even though it’s been 4 years since my husband died
I find summer in general is the worse time so many people out and about happy
You are so right it is jealously
I use to be that person happy planning our weekend away in our caravan

I m empty now
Always heartbroken it never leaves you
Others get on with their life
They have a life
How do we without our loved ones


@Angela60 Thank you. This emotional rollercoaster is hard enough for all of us and to be honest nothing surprises me any more. Let down in so many ways that I am now getting used to it.
At least we have this group where we can relate/support each other when needed. You take care and look after yourself. x

@Scottie10 just feels like we are existing not living

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@Heartbroken2022 thank you

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Yes you are right
My life was with my husband our future plans together all ended
I have family friends job all take my mind off my heartache for a wee while
My life is different one now
Sometimes when I am in a dark place I just don’t want this life

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@Scottie10 not the life we had planned either. My husband was a self employed driving instructor business just taken off,he used to say I will retire when I’m 70 he died at 68. All our plans gone,now I’m left to start a new life for myself.

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That what makes it worse
Your plans for the future - all gone
David died just before his 50th birthday
We had planned to take early retirement

We should live our life for them
Do things that they would of wanted to do
But it is so hard

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@Scottie10 yes I know what you mean. Stay strong.

You too

I know the feeling, I went to my sisters for lunch yesterday, I think I would’ve gone out of my mind this weekend otherwise. Cleaned the car, crying the whole time I did, my darling hubby would come out and praised my handy work (which has always been a rare event). I could almost feel and hear him, which makes the tears flow. My 12 yr old and I then went to macdonalds for lunch, I cried there too, I apologised to my 12yr old and he said that it’s important I cry. The days seem so boring and pointless without my love in my life.


@Sandan75, it’s early days for you and I really feel for you, always remember I was numb and had no recollection of what I did at 6 weeks. I haven’t seen or heard from anyone since Friday myself.Will be glad when tomorrow comes.
Take care Angela