My son 47 died of cancer that had spread to bone he died within 3 months .He had no symptoms only started having pains in hip spine etc. primary not found . He had his 3rd COVID vaccine 6 months before

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My partner was diagnosed with stage 4c colorectal cancer July 2022 at age of 49 and passed end of June 2023.
Also didn’t show any symptoms and had a colonoscopy 20 months prior to diagnosis that came back clear.
The level of aggression of the cancer and treatment resistance was unprecedented and showed unusual progress (original diagnosis was ovarian cancer until post op biopsy).
I also started looking into COVID vaccines as that was the only medical factor in the 20 months between all clear colonoscopy and diagnosis that was out of the ordinary.

There doesn’t seem to be any correlation I can find in any peer reviewed studies or articles between the vaccine and extreme forms of aggressive cancer and I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but it seems an unusual coincidence.
Colorectal cancer is a slow moving cancer - either the colonoscopy wasn’t done properly or the cancer developed at an unprecedented alarming rate in that 20 month period

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What I can’t understand my son secondary cancer was in the bone .they suspect gastric primary .But it is very rare to go to the bone.I f stomach he was eating well right up to the end he was eating his dinner the day before.
I know he could have had a cancer before, but it was how fast the cancer mets grew.
May be some others have had the same experience.

There is some people mention turbo cancer. But professionals are saying no.
Interesting program on television about Spanish flu , it started in America in 1918. It killed a lot of people ,but after a time it gradually got weaker and died out. They think as people got it and survived they build up a resistance which caused it to die down.
So these things do cause the inmuned system to fight back .so I wonder does the vaccine strengthen the immune system too much in some people so it starts fighting normal cells. I think they are given these vaccinations but they are not checking peoples immune strength

The COVID vaccine is an mRNA vaccine and creates a spike protein to stimulate immune system.
There isn’t any credible causal link at this stage.
Immunotherapy and vaccine therapy are the new frontiers to cancer treatment - mRNA research is at front and centre of this.
One of the big issues with cancer, is the body doesnt recognize the cancer as a problem and your body does nothing to fight it. Immunotherapy is trying to find ways to get the body to recognize the cancer is destructive and stimulate the immune system in response to the cancer itself.

In my partners case, it may have just been one of those things - the biopsy gene sequencing came back with 2 genetic anomalies, so it’s most likely genetic and an abnormally aggressive form.
It did just strike me as coincidental that in the 20 months between clear colonoscopy and stage 4 diagnosis, the only medical change was the vaccination.

Viruses generally go dormant over time from herd immunity or rigourous vaccination implementation. They also mutate and often the mutations are less deadly than original strain. There are exceptions to this.

The immunotherapy treatment currently for colorectal cancer requires high microsatellite instability and DNA mismatch repair deficiency - hers was microsatellite stable so immunotherapy wasn’t an option.

It could have been missed in colonoscopy and the cancer was already there.
As much as I go over and over every detail and speculate to try make sense of it, it won’t bring her back😥

I know nothing will ever fetch them back .But hopefully if we can find the answers it may help some other family going through the same thing .you are like me cannot believe how this thing developed so fast . One day he is going out and about so normal, next day he could not walk with severe pain . Then within a few weeks it goes to change all the blood counts.
Looking at items about cup cancer,because they could not where my son primary was,some say it might be because the immune system has killed the primary cancer.

The thing that surprised me ,there seems to be a lot of research on Breast and prostrate cancers ,which is good. But not a lot on mats cancer, and yet the more people are cured of primary cancer the more it will come back as secondary more aggressive.
This program on the Spanish flu, found most people that died were young adults to middle age. Children and older people seemed to pull through, they put this down to children had not built up their immune symptom and old people had lost some of theirs??? You wonder sometimes are they looking at the right things.

One of the answers why a lot of young adults died was because their immune system over reactive ?

The cancer retains the genetic profiling of the source - in my partners case it was colorectal that spread to her liver. It’s still colorectal cancer and is treated as colorectal cancer despite the location.

Unfortunately once the cancer has metastasized and spread to distant sites it becomes very difficult to manage and control. Most cancer research is around prevention and picking up cancer in early stages as it’s more treatable.

Once you have cancer, % odds increase dramatically it will return at some point if it goes into remission.
Stage 4 you’re trying to manage the disease, but cure and remission with today’s oncology pharmaceuticals at that stage is unlikely. It’s about buying time and quality of life.
Surgical removal is best option, but not always possible. The Mets in her liver were multiple and the distribution made a liver resection impossible.
Only hope was a liver transplant, but she just deterioate too rapidly to survive the op.

My sons they did a biopsy of mass on hip bone cell showed It as secondly cancer could not see where the cancer cells came from . C u p cancer of unknown primary . Which is happening more often .Some times primary cancer too small to be seen ,or immune system has killed primary, or it is in the pancreas which is hard to see. Or cancer has been cured and it has come back.
There is some research done at Cambridge saying that cell spreading is a normal process to different organs that cancer has found out to use. It is done to repair tissues.

Usually can identify or at least get an idea of the primary source from genetic profiling.

How did they treat the cancer without at least some sort of suspicion of the source? What was the chemo regimen?

My partners tumour was necrotic and they couldn’t identify the origin from biopsy of the tumour - it was originally thought to be ovarian.
Only after post op biopsies had been done on the organs removed was it identified as colorectal

They could not ,They were going to start treatment not to cure but Radiation on the bone tumours to relieve pain on the Tuesday 18th July , but on the weekend before the cancer went mad changed all his blood counts, which meant they could not give him blood . He was bleeding every where, he went to urinate and it was full of blood. He died on Monday 17th . No treatment they could do. What I can’t understand no sickness, he ate his dinner and tea on Sunday.
Also on this program people who had this Spanish flu were coughing up blood ,and had purple marks on their skins .cancer that have gone to bone is one of the most painful cancers,and there is no cure

Cancer is such a terrible disease - takes everything from you until there’s nothing left, and then finally takes your life.

She was also in awful pain - she had severe hepatomegaly - liver was 5 times size it should have been.
Was on morphine for 10 months and eventually they put her on oxycodone as morphine just wasn’t cutting it and she started having hallucinations on the high dosage she was on.
She was on 100mg oxycodone a day - for average person, 50mg is considered an overdose.

Soul destroying to watch and impossible to fathom the amount of pain she endured. All for nothing💔


My son died within 3 months , so Quick on the 26 th April went into hospital ,died 17th July 2023 unbelievable.

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That’s very quick and abnormal at that age, especially not being able to identify the source. Very young to have metastatic cancer.

My partner was 49 when she was diagnosed, which is also very unusual to have stage 4c colorectal - 20 years younger than average age - and the level of aggression was unprecedented.

Had she not had the op to remove the diseased organs, which they were very uncertain she was going to survive, it would have been barely 3 weeks from diagnosis - diagnosed 13 July and had emergency op 2 August.
The tumour had grown so quickly, it was necrotic from outgrowing the blood supply and she was days away from going septic from the necrosis poisoning her blood supply.

I know that what the said. A lot of strange things seem to have happened since COVID.
It was strange no symptoms , just could not get out of bed one morning At hospital scans showed masses on hip and spine and ribs other scans and pet scan showed no where else .blood test at that time showed liver function elated although scan showed liver ok . But they said elated liver function shows trouble with Bones.
It is rare for it to go to bones from Gastric and pancreas first .it is Generaly postrate but that was ok.Reading about the Cambridge research ,I do wonder before it all started he fell on the bus on his bottom, they did find a fracture on his coccyx ,I wonder if the cancer found a way into the bone using the Cambridge theory of mets repair. Who knows ???so many Questions as to why

Cancer such a horrible word, it spreads to survive ,but when it spreads it dies, After killing everything self destroys. It is so pointless it is one of lives mysteries

Elevated ALP liver levels usually indicative liver or bone disease.
I’m also in that boat - all I have left are unanswered questions.
The cancer was abnormal and didn’t follow usual trends in terms of metastasis, along with the severity and aggresiveness of the metastasis.
What made her part of the fraction of a % of the population that get it with this kind of severity and aggresiveness and at such a young age with no symptoms until she was weeks away from dying?
Never get those answers.

Cancer is such a senseless, anti natural disease - it’s your own body killing itself for no reason. Not a foreign pathogen or a virus or bacteria. Your own body and it doesn’t even recognize it and mount an immune response to fight it.

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There must be some response from the immune symptom ,because when there is no primary found it said because the immune symptom may have killed it ?
Did she have her COVID vaccines , because Chris did all 3 the last one was in October six months before he came Ill in April.
It made me wonder when I saw this program about the Spanish Flu , when they said the young adults were the ones that tended not to recover because their immune system overactive cause their death. With these vaccines they are boosting the immunity.
Also the fast spread , they have found that meds is a normal process where cells from one part of the body goes to another part when it is damaged eg: when damage to liver ,cells from pancreas can go to the liver and then become liver cells to repair it. Cancer cells have found out how to do this. I wonder if this is what happened to Chris when he fell on the bus and fractured his coccyx,is that why the cancer spread so fast? All unanswered Questions.