Can't settle

Has anybody got any tips on how to deal with evenings. If I go to sleep now I am awake the rest of the night and I cannot focus on doing anything. I just feel lost.

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I know the problems with evenings. I usually try and find something non demanding on TV and watch it. Preferably without strong language although that is getting increasingly difficult. I had a wise English teacher that used to say they are only words but if you have to resort to them you show your ignorance.

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I have watched dozens of ‘The Chase’. It is amazing what I have learned!


Thank you Rome18 and pudding. I find I cannot sit down for long as I get agitated and I have panic attacks. Nobody said this would happen. I coped ok through his illness but I think I blocked a lot out.

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A long time ago I used to do yoga. It was a way of finding peace. One technique in particular. You relax preferably lying and concentrate on relaxing each part of your body starting with the head and working down to the toes.


Thank you. I will give it a try. Xx

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I find Mediation really helpful.there is a lot on youtube.So sorry for your loss.xx

Thanks Ava, I will give anything a go if it will help me sleep even for a little bit. I can manage about 2 hours at the moment. X

I know that feeling. Generally up to 4 hour slots now. But not good sleep.

I really feel for you. I have managed to dose off for an hour but keep waking up then I am tired all day. Hope you can get a bit of rest and it is such a help knowing I am not alone. Big hugs. Xx

You poor thing. I was like this in the very early stages. It is awful being both physically and emotionally exhausted. I think that is what has turned grief into full blown depression for me. Can you sleep in the day? I found that helped. I am gradually getting better so I pray it is the same for you. Xx. Sandra

I can’t sleep during the day as I am back at work now. I just hope I get a bit more sleep tonight. Take care Sandra. Xx

If you are that tired be very careful if you drive and at work. I have been retired for some time so it doesn’t really matter if I am exhausted

I am getting the bus today. Only doing 4 hours today so hopefully not too bad. I can work from home rest of the day. Xx

If you get a chance for a Power Nap please take it. Eventually you will get more sleep. Your body will insist on it. Hang in till then. Love.

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Thanks Sandra. I will get a lie down at lunchtime. Take care. Xxx

@Billie7 evenings are hard and I don’t usually go to bed till midnight. In the beginning I couldn’t watch television as my mind would wonder all the time and had lack of concentration. I brought a jig saw puzzle and just recently brought a diamond painting set of nearly thirty thousand diamonds. It is a picture of my husband and myself. I also do colouring on the iPad. Some nights at the weekend I see friends. I have just started bingo but of course I am a lot further ahead then you. Xx

Hi Sandra, I had a really bad night. I thought I was going to sleep but ended up drinking a full bottle of wine and crying. Didn’t want anybody to see or hear how low I was so sat on my own. I went to sleep at 4am and woke up 20 minutes ago. Still can’t stop crying. I am so fed up, I thought I could be strong but I feel so awful. Please tell me this will get better. Xx

@Billie7. You did have a bad night. If you feel like crying you must cry. I am afraid it can take a while for sleep to improve if you are like me. My husband died early June. My sleep pattern is only just improving and not all the time. I doubt the wine helped. I actually drink less. You could try some of the things noted in these posts. I believe kalms is supposed to be a natural remedy. You really need to talk to someone. I have found sometimes a service called grief chat can help. I accessed it from a website called much beloved. I now have good days and bad days. I tried the anti depressant yesterday. Never again. I am sure that why I had a particularly bad night last night. Now my alarm is going off as I forgot to unset it. Be back soon.

Take care Sandra. I am going to speak to my sister today and see if I can stay with her for a couple of days. She keeps offering but I have been saying I am ok. I am obviously not. Xx