Coincidence or not??

My lovely husband died after a short illness at the end of November last year. Yesterday his eldest granddaughter had her graduation ceremony and asked me to go along. I must admit I was reluctant because I knew I would find it terribly upsetting without him, but George was always so proud of his granddaughter and I know if he was alive we would have been there and he would have been beaming with pride. Anyway when George was a young man he moved away from his home in Liverpool for work and his mum always said that whenever she heard the tune Danny Boy, George would invariably contact her by phone later that day. This became a well know fact amongst his family and in recognition of this we played Danny Boy at his funeral. Yesterday Danny Boy was played in the graduation ceremony. Do you think George was making his presence known and letting us know he was with us yesterday. I hope so xxx


Absolutely without a single doubt. I am a great believer in the spirit world, and l owing what i know and believe, please take great comfort in knowing George was by your side throughout the whole day and for the rest of your life.
So very pleased your lovely George gave you the ultimate sign he could.

Blessings Debra

Greatest wishes of comfort


Without a doubt.
I do believe xx


I agree . I was on holiday last November and one morning a song kept ringing in my ears . I can’t remember the melody now but at the time it felt like a song I’d known for years . At one point I was even singing the chorus . That I can still remember; 'I wish I could be with you now '. It wasn’t my son singing it , but I felt an overwhelming feeling that it was a message from him, coupled with an overpowering feeling of love .Most dreams are impossible to remember once you wake up. This was different I’m sure it came from Nick .

I feel quite strongly it was from Nick. they have subtle ways of letting you know they are close.

really pleased your Nick has been able to let you know he’s with you always.


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Thanks . He doesn’t get in touch as often as I’d like , but I continue to feel a very deep connection with him, almost 4 years after he died, and that is very reassuring and nice ,as is knowing that life on earth is not the end of the journey .

My husband died 8 weeks ago after a year of suffering and I’ve just had a terrible week where I have never needed him more. Someone I know, although not very well, gave me a wooden angel and said if I believed in it I would get signs from him. Within 10 minutes of doing this I found a document I had been turning the house upside down looking for. Earlier tonight I heard a noise like something dropping and found one of the grand children’s plastic stacking cups in the hall although no-one has touched the toy box for well over a week. Coincidence maybe, perhaps it’s what I want to believe, but as a previous non-believer I’m now sure he’s with me when I need him most. Perhaps I’ll even sleep tonight.


Hi there ,my wife Jane passed away last November we were both great believers in an after life ,I have had what I believe to be 3 visitations’ from Jane which I have posted before on this site not imaginations
The first was February while out with my dog 10 miles from home we met a lady with her dog started talking about the dogs when all of a sudden she said to me your alright are you ,glad to see you are getting out of the house,do you good getting out just as Jane would have said it never saw this lady before or again so she could have known nothing about us .
The Second and third time I was sitting here at the dinning table in the early hours as we used to do when I was at work having a cupof tea and used to chat ,sometimes I would doze off while talking to her and I would hear in the distance Michael,Michael MICHAEL the last being really definite to warn me I may fall off the chair these words heard again since Jane passed away .
Sorry for posting these 3 instances again don’t like repeating myself but it may give those people who are waiting or don’t believe hope that they will hear from their loved ones.
Do I believe you BETCHA.
Missing Jane my wife,my life,my one best friend.
Regards MM69


When you think about it , it’s ridiculous to think that life consists of 80 /90 years on earth , and that’s it . The body isn’t the person . The spirit is.

Roy & I we’re always very touchy feely with each other and would cuddle on the sofa often falling asleep in each other’s arms.
One night last week I must have dosed off watching telly, it was quite late and I swear to God suddenly someone slapped me on the ass! Just like Roy used to. I live alone now so no one else there - it freaked me out but made me giggle at the same time.

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Hi All

I lost the love of my life and soul mate last November and every day I miss him more and more (not sure time is a healer)… i am like the sea waves with los of downs and a few not a lo low. These days going through a very bad patch and really need and wish I have my darling’s arms around me. I miss that human contact.

I begged so much two days ago for him to be with me and even asked and pray yo God to let him come to visit me.

After long crazy hours of crying and begging, went yo bed. When i got up to go to work when making the bed i saw a white feather by the bed on the floor.

I tried hard to look at the obvious possibilities… Did it come from the pillow? No. The quilt ? No . Was the nearest window open ? No. Was it there before? No . I vacuumed and pull the bed a few days before. Was it him?.. I would like to think so. I was at peace and day dreaming for a few hours. But I soon went back to feeling lonely and sad for not seeing him again speaking to him or hearing his voice. I miss him so much.

I am so sorry that so many people feel the same. I wish there were something to give us the strength to carry on. What a life! Must be the price for true love…

De xx

Apologies for the typos. This phone has a mind of its own.

Hi De, yes it is the price of true love x

Dear Bev, thanks for replying. Its hard to understand though.

D. x

D, yes very hard. John died on 23rd of June. It still has not sunk in with me that he is gone. The emptiness is painful B x

Oh dear Bec I am truly very sorry for you loss. It so early for you. I know how you feel. Nothing is real and wont be for a long time. Like me i was numbed for many weeks. I still have times when i am do scared to face the truth.
You are not alone. And be reassured that what ever you feel and wsntvto say it will be understood, as we have been there and will be in this journey for many many years possibly for the crest if our lives

Sirry pressed by error didnt have the chance to correct or finish the message.

Feel free to communicate. It’s really hard and confusing.
I lost my darling 8 months ago and cry for him every day. I hope to have some peace and resignation, but I feel far away from it.
Take care and here for you if you need to talk
Sorry for the errors again. Using mobile phone it’s not the best way.
Love De. Xx

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Hi Jen, any chance you or any of these good people might be able to help me. I have had many connections with Brian. Dreams that have been so real, white feathers, Robin sat on the wheelbarrow as I work on our allotment or that comes near me when I visit the cemetery. Clouds with a face that suddenly disappears. His voice calling out my name when I’m wide awake and can hear it clearly.
Recently I had to go into hospital for an op and all through that week before I kept seeing white feathers, after the op they stopped and there was no connection. Last week I wrote my usual letter to Brian and begged him to contact me. That night I had a vivid dream. Brian and I were together but he wouldn’t let me touch him and pushed me away telling me I had to go. I was in a huff and started packing a case but he said he would go as it would be safer for me to stay where I was. He was so detached from me, not like Brian at all. My friend said that it was Brian telling me I had to let go, but I’m not ready. It really upset me, so I sat in front of his photo and made it clear to him that he was my husband and he was stuck with me as I had no intention of letting him go ever.

Pat xxx

Hi Kirstie I believe you, these things do seem to happen. I have many a connection with Brian. Before he died he said he would still be looking after me and so many things have happened it can’t be a co-incidence. I heard his voice one night as I sat in bed reading. He called out my name just as he did. I even answered him and ran to the top of the stairs expecting to see him. I have had dreams that have helped me. In one he was showing me a case and pointing to it. When I cleared out the attic, which I had never been in I found an old locked case underneath piles of stuff. When I broke it open there was so much paperwork and photographs that he must have kept for years, long before we married thirty years ago. He had locked away that case with it memorabilia from before we married. One night as I sat watching T.V I heard a noise in the dining room I went in and there was Brian going through his cupboards, which by chance I had just cleared out (my husband hoarded everything). I said Oh it’s you and he said, yes your not alone. The next thing I was sat on the settee in the living room. Was it a dream??? but it was so real. I live alone also.
So wait for that contact again.

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hi Pat, wow, what fantastic experiences. it’s not about you letting Brian go. the remain with us for the rest of our time on the earth plane. the wstch over us. I sent you a link via PM to a site that explains visitations, which is what i believe you encountered when relating your ‘dream’. please feel free to phone me tomorrow, I have you my number a couple of months back, but if you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll resend it via PM,

phoning using WhatsApp connectioned to wifi is free. ☆

Jen ☆

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