Coping with Mother’s Day

Hi all.
I’v been a member on hear for a while but don’t think I’ve ever posted.
I lost my mum just over 2 years ago to cancer, time from her diagnoses and death was very very short - a measly 10 weeks!!!
I miss her ever single day and still cry a lot, most of the time because I can’t share things with her. I want to tell her stuff about her little grandchildren, I want her advice! this is what I struggle with the most! She should be hear to see them grow and watch her daughter be a mum.
However right now I seem to be suffering for myself, mothers day is just around the corner and I seem to be surrounded by Mother’s Day gifts and cards everywhere I look! It Literally makes my heart hurt, I want my mum here but I need to be there for my children. Grieving for a mum whilst trying to be one and a happy one at that is hard and exhausting!
Being envious of my husband and friends with their mums is painful, its not who I’m use to being. I want to be happy for everyone and I Do try but I’m loosing my strength and finding it hard!

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Dear HPearce,

There will be many people on this site who can relate to the feelings you are describing. My mum died in 2018 and I can remember how upset I was when weeks before Mother’s Day I saw all the cards and presents in the shops the first year after she died. Becasue I am Dutch, I was reminded of it twice because in Holland it is celebrated in May. Losing our mums is really hard and seeing others with their mums can make us feel the loss even more. There are no easy answers, but you may find it helpful to read this post from last year from one of the Sue Ryder staff members about coping with mother’s day: Coping with Mother's Day
I hope that despite your sadness you will still be able to enjoy what your children do for you on Mother’s day. Jo