Coronation street and other soaps

I watched Coronation Street tonight and I really connected with every single thing that happened. It brought back memories but in a way its good that soaps touch on these subjects that so many people are going through

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Having been made an orphan ar ages 26 and 37 to the losses of both parents to that c***r word, i have now outlived both of them at age of 68…Yes i am and have been a Coronation Street fan for as long as i remember and i certainly did see our recent episode of Sinead’s sudden passing, and i must admit she played her part brilliantly, just shows what fantastic actress she is…in fact all the cast shone at this moment of grief…
My late mother was only 61- 62 when she passed away, the day myself and my father were told, we were told mother had less than one week, mother - my fathers wife was gone in three days…



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Sorry ladies but I have been switching off Coronation Street as well as Eastenders.
My husband died at home with me nursing him single handed. He was in so much pain although morphine was being taken by (what seemed like) the bucket load with no respite for his distress. There was also death on Eastenders by C. So no, I don’t want to watch all this for my evening viewing I am struggling enough trying to forget, I don’t need constant reminders.

I watched coronation street tonight and was in floods of tears such a great actress and so well written but was so very hard to watch, reminded me so much of my husbands last moments and taking his last breath to that horrid illness cancer


…i know what you are meaning…I found it hard to watch and i had a good cry at the end, not only for her ( yes i know she is only an actress playing a part ) but for my loss of Richard, maybe for me it was different as it wasn’t the c***r word that took my Richard from me, it was his heart diagnoses…if it had been the c*** i too would not have been able, nor have wanted to watch this episode, so i can fully understand why this episode was to be avoided, same with me if i watch anything medical about the heart, i would avoid it not that i am watching anything medical, i am wanting humour to take my mind off my now loneliness and empty life as it is now my Richard has been taken from me suddenly and so unexpectedly…


I haven’t been able to watch it. But I glimpsed that episode and actually it didn’t really affect me, mum died of cancer but it didn’t really resonate with me at all. I think because I knew it was acting and nothing can replicate the horror of her final week.

Hi all. I did try to watch Coronation Street, mainly to make myself face up to what happened. Yes, the acting was good although I don’t usually like the silly way this actress talked. BUT it is just not what I want to watch, I need cheering up not reminding of my Brian’s painful death as I sat by his side, waiting for that final breath. I was alone in the middle of the night so it was horrid.
I now have Netflix and this helps me as I watch films that ‘lift’ me. Comedy. Musicals (which I love), even light hearted corny Christmas films are cheery. I have found a Canadian series which is based on a Horse Ranch and as I used to have a stable full of horses this really does help to lift my mood. I seem to have become ‘involved’ in the family and all the goings on. If I feel down I put it on and watch another episode, always works for me. It also has the benefit of the views of the lovely Canadian countryside. Afraid the soaps are out of favour now for me. Too much gloom.

I love watching repeats then repeats over and over again of Everybody loves Raymond, they will sure brings some smiles to my face…i too want to take my mind of my troubles, my situation, my reality, and the loss of my Richard even if for a short while i can escape from them…

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I watch Everybody loves Raymond and Friends. It’s the only thing that raises a smile for me. I feel quite comforted when I watch it.

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I’m with you there Jackie, we want to escape and anything that can do that for a while is OK with me. My Canadian series takes me back to my Horse training days, I feel involved. It’s not really reality but it lifts me for a while.
Love Pat xx

U ve been through so much, but its a testament to ur parents and surrounding family, that u are able to reach out and share ur story with people like me, who are dealing with similar emotions. Thank u

King of Queens and Frasier. Absolutely love them.

Hi Pattidot, if u want a film to cheer u up, I would recommend Bruce Almighty. Its a really funny, feel good film.

Thank u so much for commenting on that. I guess I never thought of it like that. Now I will, so thank u.

Thanks Theresa I will be looking for the film Bruce Almighty. I only watch films or programmes that lift me a bit. Gone off the soaps lately. Everyone so unpleasant to each other.
Pat xx

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We loved Frasier.We watched the boxed set yearly and we found it funny no matter how many times we watched it.I can’t bring myself to watch them now,even if I did find out how to work the DVD player!It took me a week to learn how to change channels on the TV

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Hi Jill, You have made me smile with your problems with the DVD and TV. My husband loved his electrical things and was always upgrading and buying things that came out. I was never allowed to touch any of them although I’m not usually stupid with electrical items but when never allowed near them how could I learn. When he passed away I found so many gadgets that I had no idea what they were. My grandson was having to tell me. I still have three things plugged in with the TV in the living room and no idea what they do and if I dare unplug them and Brian has now been gone a year. I dread having to do anything with the TV’s (three of them) especially the smart one which hates me, Recently I lost everything for a day, then I managed to get it all back, no idea now what happened. I have no idea how to work the DVD but it doesn’t bother me. Just before he died Brian told me to look after all his electrical things as they was expensive items (he always purchased the best). I often wonder if he was more concerned about his electric things than he was about me.

I always came a close second to Leeds United!I’m not touching anything in case I can’t get the TV back on.It’s my lifeline at the moment.I need to hear a voice in the room.Things might get better in time but at the moment,it’s on from when I get up to when I go to bed.Last week I messed up the alarm system(another thing he always did before going to bed)Oh,did I cry and had a right moan at him!

Having a moan at them!!! I’ve certainly done that more than once. I had everything fuse in the bedroom early one morning when I switched the bedside light on. Even the main light wouldn’t work. I sat on the floor crying and asked Brian to blxxxy well help me. Taking it slowly I found the offending extension lead, mended it and changed all the fuses and bulbs., and guess what the main light mysteriously came back on. I think I was being tested.
I like the TV on at night when in bed. I can’t bear putting the light off and lying there in the dark, so I have the TV as company and I drop off and switch if off later when I wake up.
I wish they still made simple idiot proof TV’s that you just plugged in without all the complications.
Pat xxx

I know what you mean.It’s having a voice in the room.I keep the hall light on and push the door to until the cats want to say goodnight!They have been wonderful and I can’t imagine life without our girls.I wonder what is going through their minds.They must wonder where their Dad is but they are behaving normally.