Dad died

New to this forum my dad died 4 weeks ago very unexpectedly he was fine one minute and gone the next. Im really really struggling with the loss of my dad and really finding doing day tocday chores so difficult without the pain being so overwhelming of him never coming back please say this gets easier :broken_heart:


@Laurenbeth88 im so sorry for your devastating loss. I lost my Dad 10 months ago today so i know that no words can truly make it better and yes im still grieving and miss him all the time but i can honestly say it does get easier. Take things a day at a time, look after yourself. Do you have a support network around you?
Sending love and hugs and here if you need to talk xx

Yes i have an amazing support network they have all been amazing but it still feels like such a lonely place. Im so sorry for your loss its horrendous. It was so unexpected and quick and the face that we have to carry on and life just continues is so difficult

@Laurenbeth88 i get that. Ive got an amazing husband who has put up with alot from me and having lost his Dad 20 years ago understands that grief doesnt go away overnight but i still feel alone. I didnt get to say goodbye and i didnt visit at the chapel of rest so sometimes it still doesnt feel real. I wasnt a Daddys girl but i guess i just always thought he would always be here then suddenly he wasnt.
It is difficult and you are in the very early stages of grief, i started having counselling after 4 months and she made me realise that its no time at all and theres no time limit just a process that we learn to live with xx

yes i lost my dad in june only 3 months ago. My dad wasnt ill, just happened so unexpectedly as he was only in hospital 3 weeks brfore he passed. We were also down south visiting my brother for my birthday weekend he took pains in his back.

They all say it gets easier but i think it gets harder each day.

Still expect him to be here and to walk through the door, my mum feels the same, its like losing an arm.

Sorry for your loss but i find these chats really help just talking to people helps.

I lost my Dad suddenly 18 months ago.
I still can’t believe it has happened and that I will never see him again.
I speak to my Mum about him, but don’t feel I really open up to her, because I don’t want to upset her and I don’t really know how I feel. I think I am still in shock.
Like you said, it feels wrong that life just carries on.

I feel the same Clarebear1 still getting over the shock as he has no symptoms of cancer it was so sudden, think thats the most difficult to try to accept

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