Dark days

Thank you @AnnieMacG
I’m a different person too , to how I used to be.
I liked the old me, and I don’t even like the new me very much!

I think when you lose your spouse/life partner, we also lose ourselves. And I think that is why it is such a different loss from any other.
We are grieving the loss of our loved one, our relationship and identity as a couple, and the loss of ourselves as an individual. I even feel like my personality has changed.

It’s all so hard, and so very, very sad.
And so exhausting, to negotiate our new path every single day.

I’m so glad to have found this forum, with others who understand.

Love, hugs and strength


Thanks for posting that. It resonates with me as I feel like I am a social leper now that my partner has gone and I’m so thankful that somebody has recognised that losing your precious partner is a completely different type of grief to any other. I am completely bereft without my confidant, best friend, lover, the person who made me laugh like a drain, my cheerleader, my everything. Life is pointless now.


If it wasn’t for my little dogs wouldn’t bother to get up some days



My fur baby who keeps me going


And my two little guardian angels.
Dogs really are the best :white_heart::white_heart::dog::dog:



They certainly are!
In the 10 years I’ve had mine, she’s been by my side through thick and thin. I feel sorry for her!

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Yeah, my oldest is 9. Was my husband’s constant companion through all his illnesses, and my support every time my husband was back in hospital.
He is still grieving too, and still stares at the front door, hoping :pray::disappointed_relieved:
The youngest is 2 in June. He and my husband only had 12 days together in our home😥

They both save me everyday. I adore them. :white_heart::white_heart:


I wish cats were more like this. One of mine likes to hit me in the face when I’m asleep. Maybe she’s just checking I’m still alive xx


I’m sure it’s her way of loving you. My dogs, and especially the younger one, like to sit on my face, and they both paw me to get up!!!


Made me laugh out loud!


My dog are my strength without them I don’t know where I would be


Amazing pictures of your canine companions and saviour’s
It so happens that I am on the look out for a wee four legged friend to make it’s forever home with me

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Dear @inv369
Good luck with your search for your doggie friend.
You are making a brilliant decision.
Ofcourse we will all want to see pictures :wink::dog2:

Love, hugs and strength for another day

I need to post this somewhere. Yesterday was the darkest day that I have felt in a while.

It would have been our 45 wedding anniversary. I didnt plan to do anything because we havent done anything special for years. I thought i would have been OK as i have been doing well recently.

That wasnt the case. It hit me that there will be no more doing things together. He really has gone and i’m alone. Ive woken up this morning and i still feel sad, lonely and a teary mess. Just like in the early days. Its been 110 days and i was coping so well, and now I feel like i’ve lost him all iver again. Oh well, just get through today i guess :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


My broken heart feels for you and your loss. It’s my soulmates 65th birthday soon, his first birthday since he left this Earth, I am not looking forward to it.

@inv369 Thats a tough one too. My husbands 71 birthday was 3 days after he passed away so i guess it was lost in a morass if grief anyway.

Can you plan something nice for the day? I wish i had done something like that. Little shopping trip, walk or coffee with a friend? Anything so you are just not doing ‘ordinary’ things.

I’m not sure of what to do yet for his birthday except to remember all the fantastic things and special things about the years he spent here in his life on Earth


You have times when it hits you all over again my daughter went in October last year
It hit me every now and again when things remind me of her I miss her so much

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Thanks for your replies. I don’t know what I will do on his birthday
I would like to sleep through the whole day but that won’t be possible
I just hope that as he can’t be here in person that he is happy and content and at peace wherever that might be.