Dealing with loss

2 weeks ago I lost my nan, I know the loss of a grandparent might not seem as grief inducing as a parent, but she was like a mother to me and my siblings, she only lived down the road with my grandad and I saw them almost every week for the last 24 years. We knew she had cancer, she lost a leg to it and came out better than ever, but after a while she got worse, she still seemed her normal self but almost out of nowhere she just… went. I feel empty and absolutely heartbroken. I’m trying to cope with it but if anyone has any advice on dealing with loss I’d love to hear it.

Hi Jordan, Welcome to the Online Community. I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your nan. Please don’t worry about whose grief may be ‘worse’ - your grief is completely valid. It sounds as though you were really close to your nan and it’s understandable that you are heartbroken.

I’m glad that you’ve found this site, as it’s really important to have some support and somewhere to let out your emotions rather than bottling everything up. You are among people who understand here. While you wait for more replies to your post, you might be interested to read and reply to this recent post by @Gemma92, who also lost her nan recently: Really struggling with the images in my head

Hi Jordon, I’m sorry for your loss. My best advice is take it hour by hour during the roughest moments. It will get better in time.

Hi Jordan, it really doesn’t matter how you were related to someone. If you love someone dearly then it’ll be a horrible wrench when you can no longer see or speak to them again, especially someone so close and integrated into your life. 2 weeks is no time at all so I can imagine that it feels almost impossible to cope with right now. As others may tell you, the main things would be to take each day as it comes and don’t expect anything of yourself. Let out any emotion you have so if you feel like crying then go for it, don’t bottle it up. Also, keep talking to people who care and will listen to everything you have to say be those friends or family. Keep sharing your feelings on this forum as you are guaranteed to find people who will relate to whatever you are feeling at any moment. Just remember that whatever your emotions are right now should be regarded as normal. Look after yourself.

I agree. It doesn’t matter what the relationship. It’s what they meant to you. It
Doesn’t matter if it’s a nan, mum, next door neighbour. It doesn’t matter how old they were. It’s all about the love you have for that person. It’s a difficult time. And it’s still very raw for you. Talking helps a lot


Dear Jordan, I agree with everything which has been said to you, it does not make any difference, if someone we love dies, it hurts like L and takes some accepting. x x x