Are you all happy how you are heartbroken over your loved ones all over Google for everyone to see, your pain,I’m not,

I see your point. I did not know. I also think anytime we post online, it is the risk we take.

Lousy internet …

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It’s private,in here supposed to be, however sue Ryder has betrayed us all.

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I see you are from the USA

Hello everyone,

Having seen a number of your posts about this @Devonguy1966, I wanted to reach out to you all to clarify how our Online Community works and to answer some of the questions you have raised regarding privacy, etc.

As stated within both our Community Guidelines (protect your privacy) and Terms & Conditions (remember this is a public community), we are very open about the fact that our community is public and can be accessed by anyone - it’s not necessary to become a member in order to read posts. The only exclusion to this is private messages which will always remain private unless, of course, there are safeguarding concerns raised about any of our members and we need to look into this.

You all will have been asked to agree to Sue Ryder’s privacy policy and the terms of service for the community when registering with us - both of these address the concerns you have raised about privacy.

In response to your question @Tillwemeetagain - if you wish to leave the community, it is possible to remove all of your data along with your account, yes. If you would like this to be actioned, please can I ask you to contact the Online Community team to confirm this on

Please know that the privacy and safety of all of our members is our priority - this is why we have such a strong stance on sharing personal information and being mindful of what you are posting. We do also know that many people access the community without being a member - they too find this type of support helpful.

I do hope this has addressed the issues you are worried about - should you have any further questions, please do get in touch by email using the email address above.

Please take care,

Devonguy1966. While I appreciate you are hurting from the loss of your Lucy and I send my sincerest condolences. But I do not understand why you have done this about the Sue Ryde Website . I have found this community a god send when I lost my husband Peter in April 2020 I quite understand what MeganP is saying and it is a charity after all and helps everyone who comes on here I for one will be staying on here I don’t see how this has helped anyone at all and now people are leaving because of it.


So you are blaming me now,for exposing the truth,I had a friend notify me last night,I was all over Google,and everyone else,I’m not surprised people are leaving,I haven’t made them leave but you blame me, I thought this site was safe for all of us to share our suffering with others who are going through the same,I haven’t slept all night,I’m happy that you have felt comfort here,long may it continue,
Sending you lots of :sparkling_heart: and :pray: Martin xx

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If you had read through the terms and conditions before posting you would know everyone can see what you say unless it is by PM . I think it is a good thing as many people who are suffering read a lot of the posts before plucking up the courage to post themselves . I am all for anything that will help someone in our position and do not see the harm in others getting help from my posts, I have nothing to hide.


No one uses their real names anyway, no one knows who we are.
As Mrs Colt said, the messages help a lot of people who are in pain and suffering and don’t know where to turn.
I don’t see a problem.


I use my real name on here,at the end of each of my post’s,I have nothing to hide,I’ve put pictures up of my Beautiful Lucy,and where we come from, Not for the world to see,but only all of us on here who are grieving,maybe you should read my posts more.

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Maybe if you read the terms and conditions then you wouldn’t of been so open, private messages are private that’s where I post my photos.
Lesson learned


Lesson Learned.

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I browsed the terms and conditions and didn’t realise my post where able to be seen on Google. But this site and its caring community is a lifeline for me and I have poured my heart out on here. The support on here is amazing. I’m staying and I hope that those who are thinking of leaving change their minds because we all need support and all give support and have all made some good friends on here. So I have to say thankyou to everyone on here and sue ryder, because without this community and site I don’t think I would still be here. Love and hugs x


When I was at a real low point, I browsed help with bereavement on Google because I had no clue where to turn too.
Sue Ryder was one of the sites that came up, I read lots of comments other people had posted. You can’t reply or interact unless you are a member.
It was finally finding and reading how breavement is effecting us all and what I am going through is experienced by many, that I decided to join.
If you read how to use the site and T&C it clearly says don’t use personal information that can identify you, as non members can read it
This forum has helped me, I call it my security blanket, when I am down and my most lowest I can chat to like minded people.
In fact I hope members of my family or friends do stumble across my posts, I can’t always put into words face to face how I am really feeling, they would be able to see what really goes through my mind.
Well Done Sue Ryder, you have helped me and I will continue to use you, thank you. :heart:


Well said Debbie, I feel exactly the same and its sad that a few people who obviously have not realised what the forum entailed are now choosing to leave but that is their decision.


We are sorry to hear you feel this way, Tillwemeetagain. As we shared in my post earlier today, we do not hide the public nature of our online community and ask that people bear this and our terms of service in mind when they register to join the community.

This is why we encourage people in our Community Guidelines to not use their name as a username, or share any other personal information that may make them identifiable. This also means that we can continue to support as many people as possible, as we know people will search for and find the community helpful without actually becoming a member and posting within it.

This conversation has now become quite heated so we will be closing this thread - if you have any questions or would like to have your account deleted with all the data linked to your account, please email the Online Community team on

Take care,