Disabled son

Has anyone lost a disabled child I lost my son in November still can’t believe he is gone feel at a loss I cared for him 24/7 now I just sit for hours or stay in bed. I would love to hear from you how do you cope without your child.

Hi ive not posted on here before but I had to join when I saw your post I too lost my disabled son in January 2018 so I know exactly how you are feeling it is like torture every day like you we spent every day together we were best friends and now he’s gone I too felt lost without him it took me six months before I could go out on my own or stay in on my own I just had panick attacks it hit me so hard.the house is empty without him, just walking past his empty bedroom every day upsets me so much. nobody knows how hard it is unlike us. it will be fourteen months tomorrow since he left us yes I’m doing better than I was its not easy I still cry for him every day but I’ve started some voluntary work just to get me out of the house,it’s early days for you take it a day at a time, sorry if this is not much help take care x

I missed thankbu so much for you reply I felt like I was only one who cannot go into his bedroom without feeling so unsteady

You’re not the only one,I go into my sons room and sit on his bed and talk to his ashes, I just miss him every minute of every day keep posting on here if it helps. I’m here if you need someone to talk to x

Thank you Lozzer how old was your. Child my son was not soppose to live to 20 every day was a challenge but I miss the challenge I wish I still see his face

Hi my son was 43 but he had learning difficulties so he was child like in many ways. he also had a curvature of the spine so he had a wheelchair if we went out shopping. he was the funniest caring loving son you could wish for our lives are empty without him .

Hi my son was wheelchair bound everyday they it away soon after that was painful .are u in England

Yes I’m in england where are you from .

Bexleyheath kent

Hi lozzer I do wish there was more replies from other parents who lost disabled children don’t you so we could change ideas and thoughts

Hi cilcil the death of any child is devastating and painful, whether they are disabled or not. so that is probably why you have had no more replies,there are a lot of posts on here about losing a child. you may
want to read some of them they could help you .

Thank you lozzer I will

You’re welcome I hope you managed to get through today I just wanted to see and talk to my son but I want that every day. Take care.

Hi. We lost our special needs daughter two years ago this month. She was 37 but like a child and only given 10 days when born so she did really well although suffered so much, so unfair as she didn’t deserve any of it. Still feels unreal and I feel I can’t move on. All feels wrong.

Hi shel I lost my special needs son 15 months ago it’s horrendous isn’t it , like you said they didn’t deserve any of it, I think about my son every minute of every day I know I will never get over it , it’s like a nightmare that you can’t wake up from I just want my old life back with him in it .

Grief is a terrible thing. When it’s your child it’s not something you get over, more a different way of being as we have no choice in it. I don’t think I really dealt with it at the time as it feels worse now after the horror of the first year, the second one compounds the loss and I feel very anxious at the moment and don’t sleep well. Dream about her lots and strangely she can speak in my dreams which she couldn’t in life.

Thank you shel for replying i feel am glad you know what I feel .it’s harder now cause the first few months I was in a dream now some of the reality is breaking through and now it hurt so bad . His shower bed went cause I had to get rid of his wet room.It felt like a part of me has gone with it .I am sorry for you loss.we have to stick together .

Yes I lost my 25yr daughter July 2018 and I’m struggling each day, having panic attacks and this feeling of fear that raises in my body that she is gone and I won’t see her anymore. It’s hard to explain these feels to people who haven’t had this happen in there life.

Hi Chelsea 66 it’s really hard i am living with this hope that one day I will see him again.there are so many triggers that make me cry.like watching his program that we used to watch together.sometimes I switch tv over so I don’t see it. I know panic attack is part of Grief. I also had the feeling. Of fear of not seeing my son again.

Hi looser and she’ll how are today

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