Doing ok then wam

They are fabulous listen to them they were Steve’s favourite band south African

What did your hubby like

Every thing from Gregorian chants to King Crimson. His favourite song was Albatross. It was played at his funeral along with Brothers In Arms.

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Albatross is fantastic and dire straits you and your husband have good taste sorry it’s early i don’t sleep well hope I haven’t woken you

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4 years for me and its still raw just had to get on with life never dealt with it. My husband was fantastic.


I wake up at 3 a.m now. I am lucky if I can then sleep until 05:30 but I have to be up for 07:00 for my carers. I used to sleep like a log. Now I am tired all the time and sometimes go back to bed during the day to try and catch up.

I will try them . I love most kinds of music

My husband wanted a sex pistols song . I hoped he was only joking because I couldn’t do that one at his funeral

It was the one thing he insisted on . Albatross at his funeral.

We didn’t have a funeral, as such, more of a celebration at a natural burial site. The music I played was a mix of punk and new wave from the late 70s, early 80s because it was the music which he loved, oh and a Kate Bush track thrown in!

Fabulous 70s and 80s im sure he was home love and hugs

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Had fine again by Seether at the crem wish I’d done something a bit more natural he was one of a kind

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I don’t think that there was any Sex Pistols but he was into more obscure groups. There were 2 tracks which meant a lot to both of us, we had got together when we were poor students, the first was Teenage Kicks by the Buzzcocks and the second was Another Girl, Another Planet. A couple of my old uni. friends came and one of them spent their time trying to work out what all of the tracks were!

Teenage kicks was the undertones. Buzzcocks was " ever fallen in love. " Im a child of the 80s sorry im a pedant just love music. Love to you for being so strong im not there yet

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My goodness what a morning. Got a letter from my solicitor wanting info on probate so been in phone to equity release company to get right value. Had 2 cheques to pay in. Never done that on iPad before. What a pharmacy getting the photos. Had a whole load of forms from my financial advisor to fill in. Of course not got all the info so waiting for people to get back. Changing care companies so chasing up new contracts. And in all that my assessment for therapy. Can’t tell how that went. Can’t believe it’s time for lunch but not hungry so I think I will wait for a bit. Plus also got the invoice for the funeral so had to transfer money and pay that. In all of that I have also done some washing. Haven’t had time to cry. I expect that will be this afternoon

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God predictive text is a mare. What a phaff not what a pharmacy to take photos.

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Hi Sandra, well you have had a very busy morning. All I have done is some long overdue cleaning and washing,
Hope the therapy assessment went well.
I know predictive text is awful, I seem to have to check everything so many times and then rubbish still gets through.
Hope you have a peaceful afternoon.

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You’re brilliant just keep at it you can do it

Hi , Sandra you have a lot to sort . I didn’t have so much as Andrew didn’t have a will . Everything was in joint names thank goodness. You are doing very well with it all xxx

I take it you are Sandra and Rosemary my name is Linda my dog is Ragsy (Ragdoll) Hello