Dream or real

While it’s still fresh in my mind. I was asleep but I dreant my wife came in to my room got in to bed and said something that I can’t remember. She cuddled me. I was scared at first but when I realised it was her I cuddled her back and asked her not to leave me. I’ve dreamt before but I physically felt her holding me. It was so real. I woke after she left, am I going mad has this happened to any of you. Xxx

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How wonderful Stevie. I would love that to happen to me. Cherish it…xx

It felt so real Kate. I can’t explain, I felt her arms around me, when I awoke I was so sad she had gone but so happy she had been xx

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Hi Stevie thats beautiful,i dont know what your beliefs are,but it sounds like you had a visitation dream which is very real,i had one from my dad many years ago ,you never forget them,im so pleased for you xx

So vivid, and real. Xx

What a nice to happen I’ve had many dreams about James but nothing else .
Christine x

Well I’m hoping it’s not the last time it happens x

So vivid, and real. Xx

It was real Stevie. And it won’t be the last time, it’s the easiest time when asleep, spirit can connect, your not distracted, and at peace. I’ve had a few experiences since my adorable wife passed nearly two years ago. They are with and around us at all times, keep an open mind, and think and feel the love… John.

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Cheers John, I thought I was losing it xx

I experienced something similar whilst resting one day on bed. I felt my partner holding my hand quite tightly. Seemed to last a long time. When he let go I felt I was coming "out of something " it didn’t feel like I was waking up from a sleep. So want the feel it again. Wonderful experience X

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Had similar experience whilst resting one day I felt my partner holding my hand quite firmly. It appeared to last a long night time. Then felt I was coming out of something but not waking up from a sleep Amazing experience X

Oh my goodness what a wonderful experience for you all. I ask my husband to come to me every night. I have a friend who tells me that the spirit of a loved one is visiting us even if we dream of them. My husband passed away in November and promised me he would still look after me and be with me. He was keen on bees and if you tell a bee about a loved one who has passed they will carry their soul with them. Twice in the last few weeks a lone bee has circled me. Once I was in a house. Now bees are tucked up asleep this time of the year. Also one night I couldn’t sleep and lay away staring into the darkness, suddenly I heard him clearly call out to me. Only my name but it was his voice and exactly how he would have called up the stairs to me. It was so clear and I wasn’t asleep. Now I await for him to hold my hand or hug me.

Ive not heard that about bees. I have had experiences with butterflies. Couple of weeks ago on the anniversary of my dad’s passing a butterfly was sitting on my window cill indoors and all windows were closed for days prior. Its all very comforting X

I haven’t heard my husband’s voice yet,but my daughter has clear as day,i’m still waiting for that,but i have had many signs,i feel energy around me quite a lot,tingling as if someone has touched my head,and ringing in the right ear,not the tinnitus kind,and i often feel a breeze go across me,no windows open and im sitting in bed.I believe our loved ones are around us,we just have to ask x

I do believe they are with us. Though comforting it’s very difficult without them. X

3 months after my husband passed I went on a holiday with a girlfriend but was not really enjoying being on holiday with out my husband but I was having a coffee outside one day an d a butterfly landed on my head and flew down onto one of my fingers and stayed there for quite a while my friend actually managed to take a photo so I truly believe it was husband saying he was with me so enjoy yourself and it made me feel a lot better. x

I t’s said by people who believe in the spirit world and I’m inclined to say I do. That you have to keep looking for signs and that they are all around you. I had a weird experience the week after my husbands funeral. His ashes were going to a lovely woodland site owned by a relative. The spot was ideal under a tree. I was upset and crying it was so hard but I thought the spot ideal. I went for a walk with the dogs straight afterwards but felt strange. Didn’t know what the problem was but asked my husband to help me if he wasn’t happy about something. Two days later a friend of his rang me out of the blue and told me that he knew something was bothering me and he knew it was my husband that didn’t want to go to the woodland but to his home town where we live. I straight away made arrangements for him to be brought back home and his ashes to go in his grandparents grave. How did we both know his wishes. I believe he made contact with me through his friend. He said he would meet me by the sea. I go to the seafront nearby most days and wait for something. Am I being silly I don’t know but it gives me hope of contacting him.

Steve, I strongly believe in the spirit world and have many visitations, sometimes whilst in a transfer, as you had when your wife came to you during the night, sometimes can happen when you’re wide awake too. Never be scared, just say hello to them. It’s so comforting and wonderful, I akways want Alan to stay. I’m so happy for you, it’s a wonderful feeling you have experienced x

It’s a comfort, I’ve never been a believer but now I am seeing that it’s happening. Problem is I get quite down waiting for things that don’t seem to be happening xx