Face to face bereavement group

Just wondering if anyone is interested in meeting fellow members who live in the same local area? Online support is very good but I do feel the need for making contact with those that are going thru the grieving process as I am, to meet up for a coffee outside our home in a mutually agreed place?


I live in County Durham and I have looked for this type of group but there doesn’t seem to be any. I think it’s a great idea and I would definitely join you if I wasn’t so far away.
Good luck with it xx

Hi Barbara, its the same for me , I live in West Yorkshire and have also looked for groups that are for people like us but sadly there doesn’t seem to be any . Maybe by posting this there might be some response, fingers crossed ! I have also joined the Way Up community that is for people in our position who are 55 years and older, they do have get together in the respective local areas of their members and I have a lady who lives close to me who has made contact and wants to meet up when she is back from holiday . Maybe you could join that group which may lead you to contact with like minded people in your area . All the very best , and we are not alone in this sad journey xx


That would be a great idea

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I live in Glastonbury, Somerset. I tried to find a Carers’ Group with no avail. Now I need a Bereavement Group but nothing seems to exist. I would like to meet others in this area for a coffee at a mutually agreed place. With fingers crossed, SandiK

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Hi @Anne9, on the AtALoss website you can search for face to face support in your local area. I’ve had a look and it looks like there are some groups in West Yorkshire that you might want to check out.

Hope this is helpful,

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Hello Anne . I have just looked at Way Up but it’s for people who have lost a partner , I’ve lost my mum and struggling . Lovely that someone local to you wants to meet up . Take care.
Love Angie xx

I live in Anglesey would like to meet up with others in a similar postion .

I live in Tamworth Staffordshire Area and would love to meet others that have lost there partners,

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I attend a group in Northallerton (North Yorkshire) which meets once a month. Although only a small group I find it extremely helpful in meeting others with a shared experience. Everyone is so supportive, non judgemental and tears are welcome. Sadly I can’t seem to find any other groups in my area.

Hello everyone , haven’t posted for a while but I am still hoping for meeting up with others who are grieving the loss of their partner . I live close to Halifax , West Yorkshire so if anyone lives in this area and is interested in meeting up please let me know . Take care everyone , sending love and support.

Hello everyone, I haven’t been on here for a while but 2 years after losing my wonderful husband I’m still struggling. I would like to find a bereavement group in Cornwall to meet up with others grieving the loss of a partner or loved one. Sending love & hugs to everyone x

There are ‘Grief Cafe’ which are supposed to be all over the Country. I found one in my area and did attend a couple of times. I also joined a small grief group but this all came to an end when lockdown hit us. I have now found that I am no longer interested in these sort of meetings. I seem to have ‘grown out’ of them. I have found that my needs changed as time passes. Your local hospice might be able to help as they have group counselling sessions and smaller groups break away from these meetings.
Good luck

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Hi everyone and Sandi - I am not too far from Glastonbury - about 45 minutes drive

Thank you for your reply. The nearest Grief Cafe is 40 miles away & I don’t drive. Sadly the hospice doesn’t offer anything either since Covid.
I tried a couple of craft meet ups but everyone was talking about their husbands either moaning about them or going on holidays together so I felt even more lonely & sad. I never enjoyed socialising with a lot of people due to anxiety but had hoped to meet one or two bereaved people for a coffee or chat.


I am so sorry you can’t find anything suitable in your area. Perhaps something will turn up on this forum as there does seem to be a need for people who want to meet and grieve together. Have you tried a local library as they might have something to suit you.
I found the few meetings I went to were a help at that time but I now no longer need them. I am now three years on and I have managed to settle into a busy routine of my own,
Keep trying and I hope something wil turn up for you.

Hi Barbera61,

I’ve also looked around and can’t find anything. I live is South Shields. If anyone from The north east finds anything please let me know. I know I’m not the only person who would find it comforting to meet up with people who REALLY understand xx

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I’ve shared this on a separate post but just in case you don’t see it

I think that is a good idea but am not sure if these groups exist or if so a few and far between

Unfortunately there’s nothing like this in my part of Cornwall.