Father passed from Covid-19.

On the 13th of April my father passed away. He was admitted into hospital where he spent 11 days after being diagnosed with COVID-19. My dad was still young, had no underlying health conditions and it was a complete shock for us all. I am only 27 and I can’t believe I am not going to see him again and have to spend the rest of my life without a father. I was not allowed to visit him while he was in hospital and I’m struggling to come to terms that it is all real. I am wondering if there is anyone else on here who are going through situations and if anyone can offer me any advice on how to cope during the grieving process and how to help my mum through this time.

Hello Isabelle, I am so sorry about your father and I now there are others on here who have lost loved ones to this horrendous virus. Your mother will not know what has hit her and all I can say is be strong, be strong for her and for yourself, you will get through this but it is not going to be easy, sorry. This virus has made life so difficult for everyone but even more so for people like you when, without logic, it takes their loved ones.
Take each day, one at a time but please take great care of both your mother and yourself because you will be more vulnerable to anything going around. You and your mother are in our thoughts and our prayers.

Hello Isabelle27,

I’m so sorry to hear about your father’s passing to this terrible virus. I lost my father to it too, on 17th April. He was sent home from hospital with it and infected my mum, but he has passed long before his time to go and we are absolutely heart broken and in disbelief too. The thought of going on without him is unbearable, I know exactly how you feel, the feeling that we couldn’t see them and that they were alone makes this much worse to bear. My dad was my life and at the moment I don’t want to go on without him xx Sending you huge hugs - do keep in touch if you want to xx

Hello Isabelle, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad x My Dad died from Covid on 23/4/20 in a Care Home. I was with him constantly in his last week and when he died. I have been nursing for 28 years, I currently work in an Emergency Unit, and I have to be honest, his death was harrowing but I am glad that I was with him during that time. My heart breaks for you, it really does x Like you, I am broken by this. This is the most painful thing that ever happened to me. I shall be thinking about you. Take care. Rachel x