Feeling alone

Do you feel early morning & nightimes are worse because i do.
Feel ok today well at the moment but last few days felt awful.:disappointed_relieved:
Felt really tearful sad alone really low
So much has changed in short space time
Didnt help made things 1000times worse with the restrictions & lockdown.
Family friends just dont understand how you feel. Or nobody can acknowledge ask how you are coping? Think your meant to just carry on as normal?:angry:
Thats why joined this forum
Recently startsd counselling 1 of telephone appoit then have to wait 6month for appioit


I think we all have/are feeling what you are experiencing and the current lockdown restrictions just compound to make an incredible difficult time even worse. I want to stand and scream at people who are going about their lives that “my dad has just died don’t you realise that “. The world stops when you are grieving but life goes on elsewhere. Be kind to yourself x


I am so sorry that the counselling is such a long wait. Yes the restrictions are not helping and as Molly says life goes on in a way but it’s not normal and put that with grieving makes us all want to scream. When we loss our loved ones we don’t know just how hard it’s going to be or how long it’s going to take to get use to the new feeling of lost and loneliness. People who haven’t had this loss don’t understand and assume that in a few days or even weeks we will be over it, what ever that means but it takes time and there’s no rules to follow, it’s very individual. Try to excise, fresh air and good food even when you don’t want it, it’s very important. This forum is always here for you and you can shout, cry or scream because we are or have gone through this horrible thing called grieving. Be kind to yourself and take your time, life will get better. Blessings to you both S

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Thankyou both for all your kind & encouring comments.
Yes sometimes do feel want to scream shout over weekend really didnt feel great felt so low
Think just everything got to me scary.
So met up with old friend today that used to work with was so good to see her thiught going…just had ger outhiuse for a while.
went long walk 14miles along the canal
She maybe not understand what im going through
But so nice have friend just to walk along canal seen swan & her baby signets beautiful.
with & get your mind of everything else
and the unhelpful thoughts over thinking all the regrets.
Still not sleeping last night worset night had few hours sleep woke uo several times
Hope you’s are doing ok