Feeling broken

I lost my mom xmas eve 2010 to stomach cancer missed by doctors she was my soulmate, and my dad was diagnosed in March with small cell lung cancer incurable totally gutted, heart broken he is my hero cant believe this is happening again.

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oh im so sorry. Life is so cruel, try to get as much help n support as you really need it. Xxx

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Hi. Milly.
Yes, life is so cruel and we can never see why. People who have done no harm to anyone get taken from us. I gave up long ago on reasons because it’s simple. We don’t know! Trying to figure it out is exhausting just when we need all the strength we can get.
It often seems as if one thing follows another in our lives when things seem to be going well. Suddenly we are plunged into this pain of grief and we find it so difficult to cope.
Don’t give up too soon. Strange things do happen. Doctors don’t know it all. There is a higher authority out there and prayer can help. If you don’t believe in prayer then kind thoughts are good too.
On this site there is understanding and a lot of compassion. I have found it so helpful. So keep posting and let us know how it goes. Bless you and take care.

I am in the same situation. Harder to smile. Not sleeping or eating and only worry in my head. The only saving grace I have is knowing that these things are meant to test us. You will become stronger one day at a time. I know that doesn’t make it easier now but all you can do is be there when him when he falls and give him all the love I’m sure he deserves for as long as you can and you will come through this a stronger and better person than you ever knew you could be

Hi Milly

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Life can be so cruel and it always seems to take the good ones. All you can do is take one day at a time. Get as much support as you can and talk as much as you can. It can and does help. I feel for you. I just lost my partner to Lung cancer and my brother the year before to bowel cancer both only in there 50’s. There is no rhyme or reason. I just hope that those that have left us are somewhere nice and not suffering anymore.

Take care of yourself and keep talking on here

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Ive just lost my dad feburary 2020 to small cell lung cancer, he was diagnosed in 2017, ever since he was diagnosed I’ve seen everything he had to go through, he was a fighter. Now that hes gone its been a struggle, I just dont know what to do, i have my family but I just cant go to them for support because I think I’m just overreacting and they dont need it, I have cried more that usual, I’ve cried over a week maybe more but little things remind me of him like songs or tv shows or memories, it’s just so hard. I dont know what to do.

Hi @Peanut01, I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your dad. I see from your profile that you are only 18 - that’s such a young age to experience such a massive loss and it’s understandable that you are struggling .

I saw that this was your first post, and I’m sorry to see that you haven’t had any replies yet. This may be because you have posted this as a reply to an older conversation from last year. If you feel able to, I would suggest starting a new conversation yourself - you should then get some supportive replies.

We also had a new user called @Rose20 join yesterday who is also 18 and lost her mum recently. You can read and reply to her post here: Lockdown grief

Grief Encounter also offers bereavement support for young people, including online chat, email support and online counselling.

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