Feeling lost

13th January 2024 my world was smashed into a million pieces, I have been with Clive since I was 19 and have been together for 32 years, I’m sat here on the eve of his funeral feeling lost, numb and full of dread not ready to say goodbye to the love of my life :broken_heart:


Im so very sorry for your loss Karen :pensive: you are at the start of lifes most horrendous and lonely journey. It was after the funeral that I truly broke to pieces, and it took a long time to put myself even partially back together. Be so kind to yourself, forgive yourself, let yourself scream and cry, even when you are so sick of crying. The weight will get lighter, I promise. Keep coming on here and sharing your storey, and your partners.

We are here to listen when you need an understanding ear xxx


Sorry to hear about your loss. My life changed Nov 19th when I found my husband dead in his office. Today was our 20th Anniversary. This site has helped me through lots of lonely nights. Reach out when you need to chat. We are all living this nightmare together


Hi @Karen72 so sorry for your loss. It’s very raw for you on this horrific journey. You have done the right thing by reaching out. This forum can help as we all understand your pain and suffering. The funeral will probably be a blur to you and I’m hoping your family and friends will get you through this awful day. I’m 21 weeks in so still raw for me too but talking to people that understand definitely does help.x


My heart goes out to you surround yourself with love hold on tightly come back to the group we have been in your footsteps. :broken_heart:

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