Feeling v down

Just saying hello and wishing others here peace

Hi :slight_smile:
Thank you for your wishes of peace, right now that’s just what I needed

Im pretty new to this and have been overwhelmed by sadness. I feel the only people who understand are those going through it. How are you today?

Yes I know exactly what you mean by that, I’m still going through all those emotions of sadness, anger and hurt. It’s nice to chat to people that understand. I’m not too bad today, done my usual workout and been shopping , it’s when I’m home alone and have too much time to think the sadness comes. How about yourself? How are you?

Thats good. You have done really well! Trouble is for me i am now home alone. My siblings all have familys jobs and dont live here. You are right its not good to be alone all the time with too much time to think but i cant face going out either. X

I have to get myself out because I don’t really have any family left to talk to and very few friends. It’s horrible when your mind starts racing about things and won’t shut off. I feel so alone aswel now the funerals over, no one has even spoke to me since, it’s like their lives just go on as normal but mine is falling apart. X

I know same. I did try taking a break for 5 days but it was just terrible and i drove there and back and all inbetween sobbing. Maybe too soon. I also tried going for breakfast at cafe a couple times so i have tried. I think like you everyone goes back to their normal lives. Youve done well today so keep on. Sending you peacex

I’m sorry to hear that happened to you, yes your right it’s maybe too soon, we all grieve differently your doing really well just carrying on and getting through the day. It’s always best to do things in your own time when you feel ready. It feels strange doesn’t it? When your still grieving and struggling through the day but everyone around you is back to normality. I lost my mum in January and I’ve beat myself up everyday thinking of things I should have done it’s such a terrible feeling. You are doing great though just getting through the day sending peace and hugs to you, things will get better for us in time I’m sure x

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Beating yourself up seems to be a theme i do it too all the time. Its because we love them. Im not able to watch tv yet but the one thing i can do is read although thats very bitty too. Keep in touch and i am here for you if neededx

Yes that’s true it’s such a natural part of the grieving process even though at the moment it feels so difficult to get by knowing mum’s not here. Reading is good if that’s what you can manage that’s really good. At least you can put a bit of focus somewhere. Yes definitely and likewise it would be nice to stay in contact. I have a counselling appointment on Friday this week so going to see how it goes. Have you thought of trying anything like that? X

I dont think counselling would work for me. I know a lot about cbt, did a person centred level course in the past and an art therapy summer school certificate. I think maybe group therapy might help though as alone mostly now and would rather be with those who understand. If it works for you thats great though! Let me know if it helped you? The wind is raging outside again. Will try to get some sleep. Speak again x

Pam I am so sorry for your loss and the associated pain . It’s unbearable at times . I also understand how lonely and alone you feel so do I. I have no family left close by. They also are very involved in their own lives. They are also pretty “ happy track “ not really wanting me to share my sadness , not knowing what to do to help me . So I have 2 people I can talk to and be real with and share my authentic feelings . So everyone’s life goes on but I feel my world has stopped as I try to comfort myself , make sense of what has happened , and redefine myself without my only child . I attend support groups thankfully and see a therapist which helps . Grief is still lonely work . You are not alone in your feelings . This is a safe , compassionate place to vent and get support . Hang in there . MAuri

Pam I know you have headed to bed but I wanted to let you know that I understand that individual therapy is not for everyone . I find both individual and group therapy both helpful for me . I agree art therapy is very helpful also . I do painting and collage work and take classes. It helps to work with my hands and Art is a great way to work things out and process ones grief. Everyone’s grief is unique . I think it’s great you have the wisdom and self knowledge to know what helps you in your grief journey .

Mauri. Thank you. I fell asleep and wakened and reached for my phone and just got your message. It is so kind i so appreciate your words. X

I will definitely let you know if I find it useful. It’s not for everyone, though I’m hoping I can maybe be refunded on to some good groups and make some new friends along the way. I hope you managed to get some sleep and settle, my mind was racing all night x

Thanks. I hope you do meet some new friends. Going ro try going out today though its wild weather again here in glasgow. Take carex

Pam2, I hope you managed your outing and were unscathed by this wild weather.

Hi Mary
Thank you for your message . I did get out for a short time but finding it hard doing anything everything being raw. How are you being affected by storm has it passed? It was so nice to get a message this morning when i wakened as i am alone. Sending you hugsx

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Thank you, Pam2,
So far, I haven’t had any storm damage, apart from fencing in the back garden and the side gate.
They were ready for replacing, anyway. We are expecting to get another blast from Storm Dennis in the North of England this coming weekend. Delightful. when we live alone as many of us do, it is quite frightening. I have our dog, who is a bit of a wuss, she practically jumps on my knee at any loud noises, she is called Polly and she was devoted to my husband, she was quite depressed when he died 6 months ago. She now will not let me be out of her sight. I am glad I have her.
Mary x

Group therapy really helped a lady I know who lost her son…I think if loneliness is causing you more pain, group therapy might help . I am glad you have everybody on here too…feels like we are all here rooting for each other x

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