Funeral Next Week

My husbands funeral is next week. It will only be attended by about 8 people due to Covid. I am petrified. I am trying to write his Eulogy. His family have been really kind to me but they had a strained relationship at times with my husband. They are all very strong willed so there were clashes. I am trying to write most of it from my perspective but also want to include the family in it. Parts of it are really sad and personal, but some are humourous stories about his life. I am sure they will not cause offense but its so hard getting the right balance, and keeping it short too!


I’m really sorry to hear about your loss @michelle53. I can’t imagine how tough this all is for you. By posting here, you’ve shown so much strength and we’re all here for you anytime you need someone to talk to.

Writing an Eulogy can be challenging trying to find the right balance. From what you’ve shared, it sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought and care into writing it. It sounds like you’ve got a good balance, and it’s nice to hear you’re sharing some personal moments in there too. How are you feeling about it since you’ve posted here?

If you’d find it useful reading through some other member’s posts where they’ve shared their Eulogy’s for their loved ones, I’ve linked a few below for you :yellow_heart:

Michelle53 I am so sorry for your loss I understand how you feel about the strains of family I had it all with my husband . If his family have any respect for you they will conduct themselves accordingly at the funeral and be respectful of the fact that this is the last thing you can do for your husband and regardless how they feel about him you loved him.
I’m sure you will do your level best to do him proud and you can hold your head high knowing you did just that .
Take care sending hugs x x