Had a good day? Share that news, give us all a bit of hope.

Most of us here suffer horribly, coming here sometimes makes it better, sometimes worse… I feel for all of you it hurts.

So, I think at least one positive thread is worth a chance. Post here when you’ve had a good day! Its ok to have a good day, and it’s ok to shout about it :slight_smile: Don’t feel guilty about being happier for a few moments. Drop in here, post about it. It will help us all remember that we can be happy, even for a few moments in time.

For me, helping others makes me super happy, if I can make you smile or feel ok for just a moment, my work is done and I’m a happy bloke :slight_smile:


Hi gav , what a great idea so far today been good for me took my 6 year old grandson to the park weather been good here in south wales today , sat on sofa with beer watching wales v England rugby wakes winning 14 /5 at half time , agree we need to make most of good days , my husband first anniversary coming up nx week he was 58 sure that will be difficult day :heart:


I can only agree with all you have said . But still bloody hard at times !!


It is mate, and it’s sometimes hard to think it can be anything else… but it can, even for a few moments :slight_smile: And those moments get longer, I hope. So it’s always good to try and find a little happy to focus on…

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Please don’t mention the game lol I’m sat here with it on record, and only just got into the second half! I have a place in Llandovery, and went to college there… So you can imagine my awkward feelings when it’s an England Wales game! But the best team will win on the day :smiley: So good to hear you have a four legged pal to help you, many advised I should do the same… But I don’t think my Cat would approve.

Good news is, I won £25 on the Scotland game!

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Misunderstanding I think don’t have dog :rofl: was my 6 year old grandson took to park , have though about getting one tbh doing some research, good results for you with Scotland game nice pick up £25

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Sorry about that :slight_smile: must have got confused while typing! And sorry about the game, it was damn close! Good play all round. And I managed to win another £30 lol So a decent day… I’ll put it towards getting the car fixed!

Good result all round for you , hope you get your car fixed there always something need fixing

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Hi Gav I lost my partner on 2nd December 23 to brain cancer. I returned to work on Monday and am really proud of myself for getting through the week. Today the sun was shining so I thought I’d break the day up and try to use the drill to put some trellis up for my roses. I didn’t have a clue but I did it😁


Lost my partner Jan 23. In Liverpool this weekend with a fab bunch of people I met on here. Emotional but so much fun. We have cried and laughed! It’s been good and the weather has been brilliant.


This is my first time posting, hope I’ve done it correctly! I’m approaching two years since my husband died and holidays were always important to us to recharge our batteries and reconnect. Today found me booking a holiday in the beautiful Isles of Scilly which was a favourite destination of ours. I’m really looking forward to going with my children but also I’d love to test my strength in the future and go alone. I love reading the posts on this forum which have given me so much support over the last two years


Walked a rain lashed beach this morning and laughed at all the sandpipers running along before me. They’re speedy little buggers


Well done Debbie :slight_smile: Sounds like you’ve done well, especially the drilling! I’ve been having a rough one today, but reading your post here and a few others does bring me out from under my rock :smiley: We do need to remember to be proud of what we can still manage. I’m about to sacrifice about 57 minutes of my life listening to my Dad moan about the lack of insulation in his bungalow… I say 57 but that was yesterdays record! Fingers crossed I can get him sorted in less than 20 mins… Will say the Cat needs feeding… Or the house is on fire again :smiley: And good luck tomorrow, first Monday back?

Well done you :slight_smile: I hope you all have a brilliant time away, and many more.

You just made me laugh private message anytime you wanna chat

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Im glad i found this thread. We need some positivity! I don’t know how to reply directly to people, but Gav you made me laugh with ‘the house is on fire’ :rofl:

My happy thing was yesterday. I manged to defrost our chest freezer on my own. My husband always did it, but hes been gone 39 days now so cant help me. Im only short so struggle to get to the bottom of the freezer, but i took my time. Im so proud of myself for that, and it made me smile.

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Hi Paeony :slight_smile: Well done getting the Freezer sorted out, not the best job in the world and not always the easiest. I have to keep a few major lies in my back pocket or he will auto repeat the last half hour of chatting (me listening) and just not stop! The weather is being kind for all those on Half term, and those of us with a broken car that aren’t going anywhere soon :smiley:

Well done you we can do those things if we put our mind to it. Sending hugs

Agree well done :clap: that’s good job done for a while

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This is a good idea good. I e had some good days, ripping out my kitchen for new one being installed. Today getting my hair cut and coloured. Plenty of exercise helps me. I do have meltdowns but come back stronger each time, I do it for my son who I lost in March 2023.

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