Hate Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights

It’s 21:00 on a Saturday evening and I’m sat here alone with my thoughts.
My hubby worked nights. Once he became ill he cut it down to 4 nights a week. That meant we had the whole weekend together.

He lost his battle with cancer 24//11/23 @01:20. We were told in August he had about a year left. He gave up work so we could do some things before he passed. Well that didn’t happen. It was like when he gave up work, he had lost all purpose.

I cared for him at home. I don’t drive, so if he went into hospital I wouldn’t have had the time with him, that I had. I don’t regret for one moment looking after him.

I just wish he were here now. God I miss him so much. When I look around and see people “together” but they’re not talking. They’re on their phones. Why do you want someone with you, if you can’t speak to them. I just want to grab them, shake them and tell them, to get a grip. Life is too short. Make memories together.

I’m sorry for the rant, just feeling a bit raw tonight.


Hi @mags66 ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take good care,

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Hi I’ve just read your message and I know exactly how you feel, life is so cruel when the person you loved is no longer here I’m a year into losing my husband and to be truly honest I’m no further forward all I want is to be with him, talk to him hug him feel him just being with him and each day I think I’m a day nearer to seeing him again sending you hugs and letting you know you’re not alone x


My partner died 2 weeks ago, we had been together 22 years, I guess we had got to the stage where we were comfortable in each others company we didn’t always talk and I regret that, I know what you mean, sometimes I hear people complaining about their partner and I want to shake them


I know what you mean sometimes you didn’t need to talk they were there and that’s all that matters trying to move on is another thing I have two dogs so out walking them every day helps but then i come home to an empty house and again the loneliness creeps in as I write this my heart is breaking for the love of my life 38 wonderful years married, he died suddenly and I’m left still trying to come to terms with it, try and take one day at a time and do carry on writing on here we all know exactly how you’re feeling x


Dear @Monica, @Lin22 @Missy5
Love and hugs to you all.

I lost my darling husband on August 24th 2022. ( One day before our wedding anniversary)
I cared for him through chronic illnesses for quite a few years. He died at home, under end of life and care.

I feel the same. I hate weekends. They are so long and lonely.
I’ve just finished doing some work preparing for my job this week.
When my husband was here he got so cross with me having to do prep work at home. So, when I just finished I gave him a nod, and said “all done”, and I felt him smiling at me , and saying “Good !”

Then I came on here, and found this thread, and all your posts. Just reading them had made me cry, because I feel exactly the same, and I understand.

I constantly tell all the couples I know , to enjoy the mundane… That’s the part I miss the most …
The ordinary times together…
Just being in his presence…
That’s the heart breaking part , and the loneliness. The intense sadness of him not being by my side.

I too have two dogs, Bichons, a 9 year old and a 20 month old.
They have saved me, more than they know. My little guardian angels in fluffy white coats.

Love, hugs and strength to you all, my grieving friends


Sorry @mags66 , my reply was supposed to include you too… :hugs:

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My two little guardian angels :innocent::innocent:


They are gorgeous :heart:

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These are my two Rosie the black and white one is 12 years old and Dottie is 8 x


They look adorable.
Treacle is our 9 year old, and Bobby is the 20 month old puppy.
Both boys :white_heart::white_heart::dog::dog2:

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Gorgeous :heart:


You not alone there lost my tina 15.12.23 Thursday nights are the worse day she passed in hospital been in for a year fighting leukaemia keep telling me self should been me tina would coped lot better then I am my life is crap think I’m just surviving I try to be positive then something in my head crops up or a song or places I go now where before was together


I can’t go in my bedroom on 24th of the month. He died at home. He went peacefully.
He was never a noisy person. He only spoke if he had something to say. He had a dry sense of humour. Not many people got to see his funny side.
He was a romantic but would never admit to it.
Yet, the silence is deafening.


There my 3 Bless


Myself an tina good I miss her she is my world xx cant wait to join tina x


What 3 handsome dudes, you have there.

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And what a handsome couple you two made :two_hearts:

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There absolutely beautiful x