Hate this loneliness!

Hi libra thanks glad your getting out a bit too xxx

My wife passed away 19 months ago now I miss her hugely. Today my daughter moved out I am very happy for her and hopefully she will have a lovely life . But when friends ask me how I feel? Lots of them ( who have partners) say oh I love being on my own ! Why don’t people get it ? Yes it maybe nice to be on your own and I did . But when you know you’re not going to see you partner ever again that’s so hard . People who say they love being on there own but has a partner have not got a clue what they are on about. Love this site so helpful


I’m really, really agree with what you are saying, it’s really the hardest part the being alone and missing them!


Oh I so understand about people saying crass things about enjoying being on their own…when they are not!! They really should be more mindful about what they wish for!!!

A few weeks ago a colleague at work said to me … “Oh, I wish I had more ‘me’ time.” As if I was now lucky!! (She’s married with children and grandchildren)

My husband was very poorly the last few years, and I combined full time working with caring for him full time with NO help from anyone.
So I told her straight…"well , I wish I still had no time to think about myself "

It was a pleasure and privilege to look after my husband, we were a tight little unit And we were completely united. I didn’t need or want ‘me’ time…only US time. I miss him so much :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

People like her make me so angry. Why can’t they be grateful for what they have!!!

Hugs to you :hugs::hugs::hugs: