Have lost my beautiful mum

I lost my beautiful mum to covid last Sunday and I am struggling to cope. I can’t believe something so terrible has taken her. So scared that me and the rest of my family will catch it and die. My mum was my world and I am broken without her. My children are struggling as they saw her every day and the youngest is so scared that I will die also. How can I reassure them? Why can’t I accept that dying is a part of life? Why do we live in fear of the inevitable? I don’t want to feel this pain. I lost my Dad to cancer when I was pregnant with my youngest many years ago and my brother to suicide and just recently my lifelong best friend who was godfather to my children. I don’t want to lose anyone else. I just want my mum to tell me everything’s going to be ok. How can it ever be now?

Hi tracew
I’m so sorry you just lost your mum and to this virus is awful.
I’m the same as you regarding death. I just cant accept it either. When my beloved mum died of a sudden brain haemorrhage in june my sister said everyone has to die cheryl.
I just couldnt understand her attitude. J cry every day for my mum and miss her so so much with no idea how I have survived since she died.
I hope you manage to arrange a funeral and get all the other necessary bits done. My friends dad died of covid 19 yesterday.
Times are just awful x

Trace, I am so sorry about your mum and this horrendous virus. I can’t believe the numbers worldwide and I can understand how you and your youngest child feel because we can’t see it or touch it but it kills. Yes we all have to go but this thing takes people before their time and we can’t even say goodbye or have a final farewell. There is so very little we can do and children losing granny is hard because they don’t understand. Try to stay calm and strong because they need to know you can cope even when on the inside you feel empty and lost. Take all the precautions you can and try to stay positive, we will get through this and be stronger. My heart goes out to you but please don’t fear death, it’s just part of the the big plan the only thing is we don’t know what that plan is. Please take special care and keep safe.
Blessings xxx

Thank you so much for your kind words. They were very comforting. God bless you xx

Thank you so much. Am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you x

Keep safe it will end some day. Thinking of you. s