I lost my son five days ago and I am finding it so difficult in coping…I saw this sight and seeing there is other people that is feeling the same does help a little

Hi marina, i am ever so sorry for the loss of your son. Its very very early days for you…i hope you can find some comfort here. When i lost my son 7 hours after he was born i joined here 8 days later…in those dark days it gave me some comfort to know i was not alone.

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Thank You so much for your reply it means a lot…I am so sorry for the loss of your little boy I know how heartbroken you must have been…Christian my son was forty three so he was also my best friend ,it was only two months ago he took me down to Devon for a weeks holiday and we had such a great time…Happy happy days…Please keep in touch for it helps to talk to someone who has felt the same heartbreak.

Oh i am so sorry, your son is not that much younger than my dad, i am only 25. Did your son have any children or neices or nephews? Did he have a career? He sounds like a very nice man, you must have been so proud of him x

Hi Jennifer,Yes he was lovely and I was very proud of him,no I AM proud of him for I don’t think any of our children should be spoken of in the past tense because they are always with us in our hearts…How long ago was it you lost your little baby? that must have been heart breaking.xx

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Yes youre right i really am so so sorry, i didnt think…people keep referring to Alfie in past tense…because he didnt really live that long :frowning: i think our losses are completely different and i really dont want to upset you…i hope someone else who has lost an adult child will be along to chat…you’ll be in my thoughts x

Hi Marina
I’m so sorry to hear about your Son, Christian. My eldest son was almost 36 when he was taken from us almost three years ago. The heartbreak is devastating. Be kind to yourself and go with how you are feeling. X

so sorry for your loss. I lost my daughter 4 months ago. she was 47 and had been diagnosed with mnd a couple of years ago.she went downhill so suddenly this year but it was still a shock when she got a chest infection and passed away.part of me is thankful that she isnt suffering any more,but I miss her terribly. I dont know what to say to help you really. I find that keeping busy helps.just be prepared for the flashfloods of tears which creep up unexpectedly!

Hi Marina m2, my daughter was also 43 when she passed in August, I really do feel your pain, I’m not coping well as she was also my chum. This week has been horrendous, I’m fighting with myself to put the tree up, but as yet I can’t, this makes me worse because I feel I should be able to do it for her two boys whom my husband and I love dearly. It is all so very difficult, life is just unbearable, constantly asking yourself why!!! There is no sugar coating, four months passed and it seems to be getting worse, I want things back the way they were but it will never be. Do what you think is right for you, it’s ok to have a meltdown, I’m told it’s all part of the grieving process. It’s very early days for you, all so very raw, all sorts of emotions will be taking place within you. Take care of yourself and I pray we all find the strength to keep going, big hugs.

To Dragon fly,Sylvia and Aunya…Thank you all so much for your replies,it helps to know I am not on my own in this heartbreak and gives me strength to carry on another day…Christians funeral is on Thursday a day I thought I would never see I just hope I can cope and not let him down in anyway…The other day.we were sorting out a few of his personal things and came across his Christmas Cards one which was for brilliant Mum an Dad…Christian had so much enthusiasm for life everything had to be done at a break neck speed and now I just feel there is nothing…There is so much pain and heartache on this forum but one day hopefully we will see the sun shine again.It does help to keep talking…Thank you all…xxx

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Im sure you will be given the strength you need on Thursday,just try to take one day at a time.dont be afraid to let the tears flow! I have a book titled grieving the loss of a loved onewhich I have found great comfort.

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I know how you feel I lost my son on the 28th November this year! I feel that my heart is going to break! I have two more children! I have never experienced pain like this! I don’t know what to do! I’m so sorry for your loss. This time of year makes it worse! Xx

Hi marina
And everyone else
I’m so sorry to hear of everyone’s saddness, it’s heartbreaking!
My son was only days to be 19 and we were also very close and his missed more than ever!
It’s been almost 8 months and I try to keep my self busy but soon as I’m alone I brake, I’ve only just forced myself to put the tree up ready for Christmas which I’d rather would not happen this year!
But it helps to keep ourselves busy, I had his fav music playlist on which wasn’t very Christmassy but it was like he was here, watching though as he was a teenager!
No doubt I will be very tearful Christmas Day but we all should raise our glasses and toast be proud and honoured to of raised incredible boys we have as they watch over us and keep their proudness going till we can hold them in our arms again xxx

We were able to go and see Christian in the Chapel of Rest today, I was so at peace with him something I had not felt since he had died two weeks ago…as soon has we came out I wanted to go straight back in how I could I leave him all alone…We are going back tomorrow just to have a little chat…strangely, I feel calmer now that we have seen him…but I am not sure if on Thursday I will feel the same.xx

You never think your child will go before you,so you are never prepared for the pain that it brings,but our children are always in our hearts and nothing and no body can take that away,they will always live on in us…I had two sons and I still HAVE and always will HAVE two sons…Thinking of you xxx

One minute I think I am starting to cope the next I just breakdown…It’s very strange for though I can have people around me I feel so very lonely…It’s helped greatly coming on this forum because you realise your not the only one suffering and their words and kindness help immensely…Thank You xx

Hi Marina m2, you are in my thoughts and prayers and I will be thinking of you and your family tomorrow, you will get the strength, it won’t be easy but you will get through it. Take care, big hugs x

Hi Aunya It was only when the funeral was over and we came back to an empty house that reality began to sink in that I would never see Christian ever again and the pain that thought brought was unbearable and knowing there is just nothing you can do about it xx

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How great a loss you have all suffered. I am so sorry. I step trepidaciously into this section of the community knowing that even with the loss of my beloved partner I still probably cannot even begin to understand your pain. This Christmas is 4 years since my niece passed, and I know the pain my brother still feels is immense. You are all most especially in my thoughts and prayers throughout this holiday season. May hope and a sense of feeling that somehow, somewhere your little angel is safe and happy and not in any pain bring you at least a little comfort and peace. Much love to you, Janine.

Hi Marina m2, I know, there is no pain like it, things have been happening this week and on instinct I went to phone my daughter,the realisation was horrendous, like being hit with a massive wave, she was my right hand woman and I her’s. I am lost without her, life has no meaning, feel like I’m in quick sand and being pulled under, so stressed, constantly crying, I pray somehow I get the strength to keep going especially for her two boys. As you say there is nothing we can do about it, I think that thought really plays with your head, keep asking yourself why, why did it happen!!! Try not to put yourself under any pressure, go with the flow of your mind and body, if you can’t do something that’s ok. I’m sure you are mentally drained, rest up and take care, big hugs from one broken hearted Mum to another xx