Hello. My son died in Feb.

Hello… my son died n February. 2020. Then I was in lockdown. I feel I can’t breathe… don’t think of anything else… he was neglected by Carers and hospital as he had mental health issues, I’m sure they were relieved he died, one tick box less.

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Oh Beth, my heart goes out to you, it must be the worse pain ever to lose a child, have you got any support from family ? You obviously feel alone with your grief, it’s been such a terrible time for everybody but especially for you, this Covid is a nightmare and it’s not allowing you to grieve as you would like to, hopefully you will find some help and support from this group, sending love to you Jude x

Thank you Jude. No one seems to care…

Hi Beth I’m so sorry for your loss loosing a child is the worst pain it’s not the way it’s meant to be , I’ve lost my daughter ten years ago and now my son in June ( I find it difficult to write or acknowledge that ) I’m still in shock , as I’m sure you are, it does feel as if everyone moves on with life whilst we’re still living in the pain, with my daughter I felt like the grief was always there but somehow I managed to live along side it, this time is even worse for me and my husband and our remaining daughter I keep doing normal things then it hits me again the pain the flash backs it’s the worse pain imaginable , I am finding this site a comfort To talk to others in similar situations and hope you will as well Take care x

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Thank you Jayne. No one knows the pain unless they themselves lose a child…
My life is empty, no point really…
and then lockdown, so I go over every last situation.
I am grateful for this site.
Bless you

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Dear Beth
That empty feeling is just so awful the world keeps turning and we’re stuck in a bloody hole the pain is so intense I understand how you feel life has no point without our beautiful children , do you have a partner or any other children or family to help you ? Sending you best wishes xx

Hi Jayne,
No partner, my only daughter lives in New Zealand.
I have four grandchildren from my son and his ex partner. They bring me love…xxx

Thank you… you understand what it’s like…
Beth xx

Hi Beth I’m glad you have grandchildren around you but that must be hard For you as well as they will miss they’re dad, ( how old are they all)
I wish my son had had a child it makes me so sad he never got to be settled with a partner and a family he was such a caring young man So many things to be sad about
How long has your daughter lived in New Zealand ? A beautiful country but so far away, my son had talked about travelling there he did 2 years in Australia and would love to have stayed I pretend he’s still travelling sometimes to get me through the day take care x

Dear Jayne,
My grandchildren are 26, 24, 20. 19.
They are wonderful. I have a yr old great grandson. He’s such a blessing…
Been to both Australia and New Zealand. I prefer New Zealand it’s like England in the 60 s… beautiful country side.
Thanks for your mail…xx
Beth… xx

Sending love and strength to you both & all of us as we try to navigate our way through another day :heart: xxxx

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Hello Rachel.
I hope you have had a good day…xx

Hello Beth, how lovely of you to message me, thank you. Sadly I’m having the third in a row day where I can’t stop crying. I’m missing my precious son every second of every day. The flashbacks are crippling & my heart aches for my other son. The sadness surrounding us is unbearable. I’m scared of everything & I’m inconsolable knowing I’ll never see my son again :broken_heart:
I’m sorry I wish I had positives to say.
I hope you are as okay as can be and @Jayne2 & everyone on here. Love & strength to you all xx

Hello ,
I’m so glad to be able to write to you, you know what it’s like to lose a child.
My friends have heard me over and over relive the situation before my son was found dead. They don’t understand…
Please try to be kind to yourself.
Beth xxx


Oh ladies what an awful club we find ourselves in it’s so very painful , I’ve been away for a few days walking which has mainly been ok I think of my children every step but at least I’m tired and find it a little easier to sleep at night, I try not to go on social media but today was one of my sons best friend birthday he left the most amazing post and photo I’m so touched so sad so broken so hard to see, it’s going to be so very hard for all of us to carry on without our children how an earth do we find the strength to go on ? Take care ladies and gents xxxx

You take care too…
Beth xx

Thinking of you. The beautiful memories & pictures are just so crushing aren’t they as they remind us of what we have lost. The pain is unbearable, sending love and strength xx

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My son was found in his room in sheltered accommodation on 15th February, he was 22. He had severe mental health issues and was an alcoholic. Im devastated, he was also my best friend.

Oh my God, I’m so sorry for your loss.
My son was 44 but it doesn’t get any easier… I miss him so much…
Take care.
Regards Beth. Xx

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I’m so so sorry for your loss, it’s so devastating. All I want is my son back, we were so close & I miss him every second of every day. The pain is unbearable. Sending love and strength xx

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