How can life be so cruel

Yes you right. I never thought in a million years I would ever be on this site chatting to people about our partners passing. Only tried it because a sue ryder nurse used to come to our house and help with Traceys morphine driver and pain relief, and suggested I try it when she passed away. I didn’t realise just how many people are suffering with similar heartbreaking circumstances x


I’ve not really been speaking to anyone but you, I’m not good at bearing my soul. It was a woman from my work that told me about it, but to be honest I dnt think I’ll stay on it for a long time as I dnt think it’s healthy to dwell on death and sadness constantly, what are your thoughts on it? Xx

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That’s exactly what I was thinking. I am feeling so much pain in peoples stories on this site and as my wife told me.
I must move on with my life as she said she would be waiting for me when I pass. Its the loneliness especially on a night and company of a soulmate I miss most x

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My heart goes out to you. You are lonely but not alone and that can be harder. I hope the girls notice there Dad and try and spend some time helping you. X

Thank you shonzie.
It should be me looking after them but I think all the pain and stress of looking after my wife in the final stages of her illness has taken its toll on me x

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Yes it’s the uncomplicated companionship and familiarity that I miss, he was my rock. No one to walk with, no one to have a drink with, no one to chat in the lonely hours when you can’t sleep friends are great but they jst dnt fill it. Where are you from? X

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Hi. I’m from a little village nr Leeds and Bradford, Yorkshire.
Its not far from the Yorkshire dales where where we used to love spend a relaxing weekend away.
What part of the country are you from if you don’t mind me asking? X

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Of course I don’t mind, I come from the western Isles, in the outer hebrides x

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Wow sounds a lovely place. I’ve never been further north than scotch corner. If we had to travel far we would go to Cornwall. I must admit I love the sun and we just don’t get enough in this country. X

Me too, I was supposed to go to Turkey in April, I’m gutted I didn’t get. Cornwall is on my bucket list for places to visit, it looks beautiful. X

You need to travel to Scotland it’s a beautiful place but even I haven’t been to the western isles but on my bucket list.

Cant believe that.
Been to Turkey loads of times. We loved icmeler. Lovely place and not as busy as marmaris. Lucky enough to go to the maldives last year for my 60th. Heaven on earth. My wife cried when we arrived she was that happy and couldn’t believe how beautiful the island was. X

It sounds like a lovely place. Bet its very quiet though

That’s where I was going, done marmaris 3 times now so looking for somewhere quieter now. Can’t wait to go back, I love it there, although I do live in a beautiful place and I love it too, I’m very lucky in a lot of ways x

Yes your place sounds lovely.
I’ve really enjoyed chatting to you. Thank you. It just takes all the hurt away for a while. X

Yeh I enjoyed our chat too, what’s your name? X

Jerome what’s yours? X

Mines Rena x

Well Rena if you would like to chat again I would like that. Apparently you can message people but I’m like you I don’t know what to do yet on this site. I’ve just joined too. X

Yes I’d like that but this site is open to all, how about we exchange phone numbers? X

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