How do I begin to restart my life?

I lost my husband 18 months ago. He was diagnosed with cancer and died five weeks later. We was fit and healthy so it came as such a shock. I survived in a daze for months. I had my two daughters and we helped each other as much as we could. In February my older daughter took her own life. We knew she was struggling having lost her father and other problems but never ever imagined this. I do not know how to start living again for the future but just want to stay home. I’m trying to block out as much as possible but don’t know how healthy that is. Will time heal this nightmare? Pop

Hi, So desperately sorry for you. What a nightmare time for you and your daughter, 2 losses so close together.
Have you contacted SOBS? .Survivors of Bereavement By Suicide. They may be able to help you with the loss of your daughter.
It sounds as if talking to somebody impartial may help you but I fully recognise and understand the desire to stay at home and block out everything. Warmest wishes Sadme

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Moogs, to start with that’s what my late husband was called at work before I knew him, it was instead of being a cat which didn’t know when to go home.
Please think about getting help with your loss, it’s hard when we loss some one but two, please think about yourself. Take care, blessings. S

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