How to cope

I am at the stage of losing my beautiful,brave daughter.
My Rock my best friend. The one who makes all the decisions. I know she doesn’t want to leave, but the pain she is suffering from cancer is overwhelming and relentless.


Hello @Tinafl, I am so sorry that your daughter is at the end of her life. I can see you are getting some support on this thread - please do keep reaching out. Sadly, many of our members have experienced the loss of a child and will understand some of what you are going through.

Take good care,

Hi Tinafl. I lost my daughter in Nov last year at 33 yrs young and I am so sorry as I know I can do nothing for how torturous and painful this will be for you although sadly I do understand. I know what it is like to lose a part of yourself and how our children are reasons for our very existence. I dont have any answers as I am still living the disbelief and like you my daughter was so much more than just my child. Many here also sadly understand and so you are not alone and can always reach out here. Paul. x

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I will light a candle for you and your daughter. Just to let u know that I am thinking of you both at this really sad time. I lost two of my sons just over a year ago and still light a ca dle for them. Sending you strength, courage and peace.:sparkler:

I am so sorry to hear of the heartache you are going through. I lost my beautiful daughter to Ovarian cancer last October after such a brave fight, so I can understand what you’re going through, and will sadly be going through. I still hope that it has all been an awful nightmare and I will wake up soon.

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Hi Jasper s I know that feeling so well I gave birth to my sleeping daughter Katie she was stillborn at 40 weeks it was so heartbreaking and took me along time to come to terms with losing her she would be 36 yrs old Dec. Then a year ago I lost my youngest daughter Leah to breast and liver cancer she would be 27 yrs old today I’m totally heartbroken but coming on here talking to people really does help. It takes alot of time and alot of bad days ahead. Take care all the people on here are going to the same thing. Never feel alone. Shellyanne XX