Hi all,
Although I cannot face Christmas again because mam isn’t here to celebrate with me, I can create a Christmas Window which she would have enjoyed, to bring light into the house, even on a dark day.

You will need a frame, scissors, sellotape and craft cellophane sheets.

Start by layering your squares, alternating colours, overlapping and sellotaping edges as you go.

When you have created lengths, cut down the centre of each colour panel to create smaller strips.

Now add to your frame by sellotaping the edge of each panel, top and bottom,

cutting off excess lengths to use later.
Layer more lengths and sellotape to cover the whole frame, filling in all gaps of light.

Sellotape the whole area, front and back, to create a flat surface combining all layers as you go.

Overlaps create areas of more intense colour

and torn edges add interest within the design.

Make sure you sellotape any torn areas to prevent further tearing.

Sellotape your creation to the back of the frame to secure.

Now add your off cuts to areas of less intense colour, overlapping to build a strong colour palette.

Your finished product can be viewed as a piece of art

and when back lit with natural light becomes a rainbow of colour

to enhance any room.

Here is mam’s local church window which we would visit on our annual trip to the festive Edwardian Night, where I would light candles for my beloved cats, Mercedes and Reefa. I didn’t know then that I would be lighting candles for my mam. I thought she would live forever!

I hope you have enjoyed my festive window and will, perhaps, make your own. You could collect all the wrappers from your xmas chocs to make a mini version.
Lots of love xxx


Dear @christine51

Thank you for sharing your Christmas window with the Community. What a lovely tribute to your mum.

Take care.


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That’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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