I am totally confused

i can see a lot of our posters will leave this forum site, including me, as it has far too many " unnecessary " functions and far to complicated to manoeuvre around, such a shame, that a valuable to our bereaved site had to be tampered with and destroyed…Why mess with something that was already working perfectly in the first place…


The print for me is far too small. We need something familiar not this we are all lost as it is whoever did this is some technical kid how haven’t been in ower shoes.

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I haven’t got one good word to say for this new site. It is terrible, BTW do you supply magnifying glasses?

I don’t understand half of these symbols

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There is no heart next to I presume my flag do I have to put it thete somehow?

Hi, I agree what a mess. I have spent nearly three hours just trying to log in. It wouldn’t accept anything I tried and I still have no idea why I suddenly seem to be in here. I have had to change my password because it wasn’t long enough anymore and although I went into ‘forgot password’ and changed it (twice) I was still refused then suddenly here I am. So still don’t know which password got me here.
| worked on computers and programmed when at work and must admit to probably being a bit left behind now but I’m not that bad and can usually find my way around in the end.
I don’t think we want all this fancy stuff just to make contact with each other. Now will have to spend another couple of hours trying to work out what everything means. Or will I bother.

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I have to agree .
Joining a forum is a big deal for a lot of people who are struggling to cope with
their grief and I think a lot of them will just give up.
I’m going round in circles and getting frustrated. I don’t have the energy for this before it was so quick and easy, I could use ir on my mobile now a lot of it isn’t shown on the screen. I tried to cancel a message but the "cancel " option was hidden.
It’s a real shame because I’m sure Sue Ryder
staff worked hard to get it all done.
I’ve always believed in the KISS principle

Agree Jackie, when grieving were not in the mood for more complications. I used to work on computers for over twenty years and used to sorting things out but just don’t want to be bothered now.
It has taken me two days to even log in and I am wondering if I will have to go through the same problems when I try to come back in. Hope we don’t have to log in everytime because I have had to change my password three times and not sure which one I will have to use. I had a perfectly good password in the first place which never gave me any problems, then informed that I had to make it longer. Still problems. I am at the moment trying to find my way around and would not have had a problem at one time but nowadays I haven’t the patience and have no idea what the icons are meant to do, what’s all that about!!! help, I just want to talk to ‘friends’. Should be simple enough. Not all of us are computer whizkids.

I have just mentioned that I think if it showed the names of the icons instead of showing the icon itself it would be so much easier.

My email system lets you change the icons into their names


Hi Jackie, I was reading Pat’s post to which you have now replied . As I was reading it underneath was the circle with D init (your username,) and the word ‘replying’ . Looks like we’re being monitored even before we post🤔xx

That’s an interesting point. I must admit to being a bit concerned.

Now Pat, don’t you dare leave because of changes to the site. You would be a big loss. I’m getting along fine with it and I’m not an expert. If anyone 'hovers ’ over the icons it shows what they are for. I have all my messages intact. The more I use it the better it gets. We have features on here we didn’t have on the old site like being able to edit posts which I think is a big asset.
Patience is not a big thing in grief. We can get annoyed and frustrated so easily, whereas before we would have found it so easy. There is always advice to be had and if you come to me or admin I am sure you can be helped. Love and blessings.

That is a bit concerning! A bit big brotherish

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Hi Sadone. It would be impossible to ‘monitor’ your post as you write it and before you post it. It may happen that someone is posting to you (replying) at the same time as you post to them. I don’t know for sure, but it has happened to me on other sites.

Hi Jonathan, not know for my patience at the best of times, so hope my laptop doesn’t end up going through the window!!!. I daresay I will be asking a good many questions but at the moment just having a play around. I used to enjoy a challenge with the computer but now can’t really be bothered. As long as I learn enough to keep in touch will be satisfied. Haven’t worked out how to send a private message yet though. I’m a bit unnerved as I couldn’t get into the forum in the first place and don’t want to upset it. Might throw me out again… Did hover over icons but can’t see what point they are for just to send a message to someone. Think I have got a bit left behind since leaving work as I don’t even understand what some of these Icons mean. Better take a crash course again.

Found the private message envelope, getting there …
Pat xxxx

hi Jonathan
My comment to Jackie was a bit tongue in cheek! Just curious.
Can you tell me where are/how do you find ones own and other users previous posts .
I’ve got to grips with much on the new site but can’t find those . Help please :thinking:

I totally agree with all the complaints about the new system. It’s taken me 2 days and many hours just to get logged in. Without the patience and help from admin, I would still be locked out. I will really miss using this site as it has been my lifeline over the last year, but I just can’t seem to work out how to navigate.

Hi. Sadone. When you log in there are profiles of previous people you have spoken to on which there are numbers showing how many messages there were. If you click on one of those the messages come up. Hope that helps.

I’m dyslexic and the layout is not quite as easy to read for me. It feels busy. However, I’m sure I’ll adjust to it and I’m very pleased with having an edit button.