I am totally confused

I’m pretty computer literate but where can I find my profile /my posts ?

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Once you’ve logged on there’s some little icons at the top of the page x

Hi Jackie, click on your profile picture in the top right of the page, and then click on your name in the menu that comes up to view your profile. Or click on the cog symbol to edit your profile.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with, or try the new help section.

Me too, don’t like to be reactionary but,???

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Hi SadOne, is there anything in particular I can help with? Or, you can check out our new help section for step by step instructions:

Sorry , everything !! Seems hard to navigate . I’ve read the help tips and have been playing with for 30:mins but at the moment feel ready to give up. When I first found the site nearly a year ago I didn’t feel the need for instructions it was very straightforward .
I liked before how you could instantly see time of all latest posts so you knew straight away where to pick up from.
Maybe just me getting old but usually I’m ok on these things .


I agree , it was so easy before , i understood it straightaway, now its just too complicated .

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Hi Sadone,
Sorry to hear that. You mean because the time stamps are in the format of how long ago they were, rather than the time and date? Yes, I see your point, I will investigate whether that can be changed.

However, the new site will also remember the last point you read in a conversation, and the last conversation you read on the homepage, so it should actually be easier to see where to pick up from the next time you log in. (It will only keep track of what you’ve read since the upgrade, though, not where you were before, so it may take a visit or two before this feature starts being useful, but it should be an improvement in the long run).

Hopefully it will become clearer with more use.

I’m not holding my breath though !!

I hope so! I’ll do my best to help with any problems, and we’ll keep working on the site to fine tune and make improvements, so I’m making a note of all the feedback.

I afraid I agree with Dale Jackie and Sadone. I don’t like the new format at all. The previous one was so easy and user friendly. Luckily I don’t need to use it as much as I did in the early days - I certainly couldn’t have coped with it in the first few months when concentration was really bad. Haven’t really got the patience to navigate the new system -Think it’s probably time for me to leave.

got to say why as the site been changed?from a simple log in and navigate easy and find what you looking for very easy.to what we have now.got to say im not liking it one bit.i dont post much that gets much interest anyways so you wont miss me.good luck and I hope enough enjoy the new software to make it worth while.

It’s easy to reject something new when the “old” provided familiarity but this format is dreadful in comparison… (To me, at least.) Previously the site had a safe and welcoming feel, a thoroughly attractive layout and was so easy to use. Now there seems to be text jumping all over the place on my 10inch tablet, to use the site on a smaller screen would be a nightmare to contend with. I’m really sorry to be a grumpy old woman but the new format just doesn’t do the site justice at all. It’s such a shame.


Thanks Priscilla, now you’ve "highlighted " the help section I can find it but where is it normally?
Also , the size of the text now is so tiny on a mobile phone I find it hard to read. Can this be changed please? Why all these changes it was so easy to use before and it isn’t now. Jx

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This new format is much more complicated to our previous format and layout, their may have been less functioning’s but much more straightforward, at least we all knew where we were, now much more is added but causing more complications…sometimes less is more…This is not a format-layout i will be finding easy to get my head around…

I agree with all the criticisms. This new format is awful. Much too cluttered and confusing. Don’t like the spooky bot faces either, and is ‘Enjoy your stay’ appropriate for a community we would prefer not to have had to join? I haven’t posted for a long time but still look to see if there’s anyone I feel I can support, and I chat to another forum member via PM, otherwise I’d be cancelling my account. Sorry, maybe I’m just a grumpy old woman who has had too much change in her life over the past 3 years, but the previous format worked so well even for someone with my limited computer skills.

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Hello everyone,

I’m really sorry to everyone that’s finding it difficult. I know that it can be difficult when you are used to doing things a certain way and then it changes. I also know how important the support of this community is to many people, and I’m really sorry for disrupting this.

To answer those who would like to know why it has been changed, there are two main reasons:

  • The ‘platform’ was old and out of date. The platform is the technology behind the site - rather than build a community from scratch (which would be very time consuming and expensive), a platform is like a basic template site that you then adapt to your needs. The old platform was starting to have problems, and we would have soon reached a point where we could no longer get technical support to improve it, so it was unavoidable that we would need to move to a new one.
  • Although many of you here have said you found it straightforward to navigate, we did also get quite a lot of feedback from people who found the old version difficult to navigate, or found it hard to know when they had replies. The new features that have been added are in direct response to user feedback.

In terms of the basic functionality, we have tried to change that as little as possible, so the way that you start and reply to conversations is the same, it may just look a little different visually.

We also tested the site with members of the community before we launched to try and make sure it would work for our users - there was a post a little while back asking for people to get involved and those that put themselves forward spent some time on a test version of the site. The feedback from this testing was generally positive and we did make some changes based on comments from our testers.

With regards to the welcome message text and statistics on profiles, I’m really sorry about these. Going back to what I was saying about a platform being a template site, sometimes they come with features that aren’t useful for our particular community, but I will look at getting these hidden.

We will be continuing to work on the site and make improvements, so I’m making a note of everyone’s feedback now, so thanks very much for sharing your comments. At the moment I have a note to investigate:

  • The time stamps on posts
  • The text size and layout on mobiles and tablets
  • Changing the welcome message text
  • Hiding the profile statistics

I will keep adding to the list as necessary.

Can we edit posts after making mistakes? I see yes we can. Well at least that’s a big improvement.

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I don’t like this format at all, it’s too busy to navigate easily, less is more, when you are grieving you need the type of site you had before, easy, this is just too complex.