I lost my mum infort of my 9year old son

It was a normal night with watching Only Fools and Horses my mum has got sleep and normally sleeps with her mask on on we was all living room we all fell asleep I woke up and saw Mum bent forward so I got up to put her breathing mask on and I went to lean her back and she still went off to me and blood came out of her mouth she died of blood clot in the lung my son woke up as you heard me screaming I rang an ambulance and called out for help and my neighbour come we couldn’t turn her over as my mum was a big lady so we did CPR on the back I took my son at the room as he was looking down and seeing everything everytime I close my eyes I can still smell the blood I can still see my mum she was my rock and the best mum in the world she was only 56 and I’m 26 so an my son 9 there alot I could have wrote as leaveing parts out but there a limit I miss my mum there alot

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