I new site not as good

I have to say i don’t like the new site as much as the old site. I find it harder to look for posts and a lot more complicated.

Yes terrible isn’t it, I totally agree with you…i like simple- basic…

Hi all.
What confuses me is that if I post a brand new topic about something that has not been spoken about before, I get replies to it and am notified by email, BUT if someone else posts a brand new topic about anything at all I am not notified by email. We should not have to go searching the forums to see if anyone new has come onto the forums, or if new topics have been started, we should be notified at once otherwise, how can we help these newly grieving people if we do not know about them.
So confusing.

Yes me too. Especially on my phone.being a small screen. Not quite as bad on my laptop but i don’t use that as much.

Is it just me who hates the emojis that can now be used on the site? To me they reduce our feelings to a "funny cartoon comment " there is nothing funny about grief.
I also find the message from the site " it looks like you’re enjoying the conversation " perturbing - enjoying? really? Would helpful or supportive be more appropriate? Sadme


Yes I totally agree with you about the emojis. Its tacky and like you say there is nothing funny about grief. Janet


I have only ever got e-mail notification for my private messages and even those are becoming scarce. So sorry if I haven’t replied to anyone, I have to search Private messages to see if there is anything there that I haven’t seen. I thought this was the norm. I am now having trouble sending Private messages and keep getting the message ‘Internal Server Error’ anyone else getting this.

Yes i had that a day or two ago when trying to post a post…Internal Server Error…

Hi Sheila,

You would not get notifications for every new conversation - only ones that you start or reply to This is the same as it was on the old site.

However, you can also now choose to get a regular summary of new conversations - if you would like to do this, please follow the instructions for how to change your email notifications, tick the box for ‘activity summary’ and select how often you’d like to get them.

Thanks so much for catching this. Yes, that wording doesn’t sound appropriate, and I’m really sorry about that. The site is built using a ‘plaform’ ( like a template site that can be adapted to our needs) and there were certain default messages that came built in to the platform. I thought I had edited them all to be more appropriate and sensitive for our users, but it appears I have missed this one. I will edit it.

Please let me know if you see any more wording that doesn’t seem right.

I’m really sorry you’re having trouble with private messages. I’ve got your email about this and will look into this.

If anyone else is having this problem, please email me at online.community@sueryder.org, as the more information we can get about who is affected, the better able we are to work out the cause and get it sorted.

@daisy-janet and @Sadme I’m sorry that you don’t like the emojis. These were added in response to user feedback - in fact, that was the most commonly requested new feature on the old site.

In general, it is down to individual users whether they choose to use them and how, but they are also subject to the community guidelines as much as anything else people post. So if they were used in an insensitive or aggressive way (eg, a laughing face in response to someone’s grief), this would be moderated in the same way as any inappropriate post.

How to report an inappropriate post.

Hi Priscilla,
Here is a screenshot of what I get when I log into the site. There is nowhere to click on email notifications in fact I cannot even see email notifications and the screenshot you have sent is unreadable.

Regarding the old site, I always received emails when there was a brand new posting from a newly bereaved person and you could tick the box subscribe or unsubscribe to it.

You wouldn’t have got individual emails for brand new conversations you hadn’t started or replied to - that wasn’t possible on the old site, but there was a weekly summary email of new conversations.

I can turn this setting on for you if you like? There is a choice to get these hourly, daily, weekly or monthly on the new site. (They only get sent when you don’t log in, though).

Otherwise, here are some more instructions for doing it yourself:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right of the page. In the drop-down menu, select the cog symbol
  2. On the left-hand side of the page, select ‘emails’
  3. Tick the box for ‘activity summary’ and select the frequency you’d like.

Thank you very much. I would appreciate it if you would turn it on for me, (daily), it is much appreciated.

I am going out shortly so when I get home, I will give the information you have given mne a go.


Thanks Priscilla

every time recently ive tried send a message a text come up saying internal sever error.

Hi Ian,

Yes, I’m really sorry about this - a few people have reported this problem. I have been testing this and it looks as though the messages are actually sending, even though it looks as though they aren’t.

I am looking into preventing the error message from popping up, but, in the meantime, your messages may still be getting through, even if you see the error message. You can double-check this by looking in your sent items in your private message inbox:

There is also a happy face next to “It’s been a while since we’ve seen [username] — their last post was 12 months ago”.

I am not sure how appropriate a happy face is in such a situation when a person is posting after 12 months because they’re still feeling really rubbish.

Hi Abdullah, Thanks for pointing this out - that’s a good point. We built the community on a ‘platform’ (sort of like a template site that saves time and money compared to building everything from scratch). Sometimes some of the built-in features turn out not to be entirely appropriate for our particular community, but we can often edit and tweak the basic platform to address these. I’ll have a look into whether this is something that can be changed.