I saw my late husband

He was there my late husband, just out of the corner of my eye, standing in the garden, i was so excited i turned towards the back door, and then the reality hit me. i had a good cry, but it was a nice moment to think he was there. has this happend to others who have lost their partners? is it just a trick of the brain/wishful thinking?


I generally see my husband when I am really stressed like you in the corner of my eye. Just after he passed in March a cold night I lay on the sofa fell asleep with the fire full on I had left doors unlocked I felt someone squeezing me I thought someone was in the house shot up with a fright it was 2 in the morning the lounge was red hot I’m convinced it was Mick waking me up telling me to go to bed lock up and turn fire out. X

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Hi the bed I look at his side it’s like the quilt is moving like someone is breathing it’s all so strange. X Does it get easier to live with x

Once when i was in bed, it was if i could feel my husband rest his hand on my hip, that was how he went to sleep.
i wasent scared just reasured.
Lonely, its a lovely way of thinking six years closer. I am only a few months down the line, I dont look to far ahead, the future scares me and seems to empty. My husband was 58 when he died and I am 56.
Kim5 i would be freeked out if i saw the quilt moving!!

I feel comfort in the bed it’s strange isn’t it. Know what you mean about the future even with my family I feel so lost. I’m 59 in September Mick was 64 when passed away but so young for our ages so it’s going to be a long journey. X

To all the above posts. I began a thread ‘Psychic phenomena’ Have a look and if you want post your experiences on there. Nothing any of you have said surprises me in the least, but I see with pleasure that none of you seem to have been afraid, apart from one. What you are all seeing may not be ‘imagination’ but a reality. So many of us have psychic abilities which so often can be misconstrued as something ‘weird’ and so are put off any such experience happening again. To me at least there is nothing strange about any of it. It does bring comfort, of course it does, but it goes a lot deeper than that. They are still with us and if they can will look after us, But disbelief stops any such events from happening. Keep an open mind and allow things to happen without fear.
Blessings and love to all. John.

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Hi. Shiela. You will see from my thread that my wife had the ability to see the so called ‘dead’ She did not communicate with them or touch them, but she saw tham as clearly as if they were alive. As a child she was told not ‘to be silly’ so she stopped telling people. She very rarely told anyone, only those who would understand. Sadly, so many with this ability have been put off by ridicule. There is a book available on Amazon called ‘The Boy who saw True’. Worth a read. He too was ridiculed. It does run in families this gift. And it is a gift and one we should cherish. I don’t have it, but that does not matter. I was as sceptical as the next man until I made a study of it. What I read and heard has convinced me beyond any doubt that another dimension does exist, and that there is no such thing as death. Appearances can be deceptive. We are brought up to believe in life and death. ‘Everything must end’ they say. Must it? Does anything actually end or just take another form? When we see something that may frighten us ask what is it and why. Never be afraid of it. The window into another world opens and closes. We have no control over it. Genuine mediums have the ability to keep the window open a little longer.
I am not a Spiritualist. I prefer to keep it simple. Why make a religion of it?
You are so wise to explain to your granddaughter what it all means. A simple talk an explanation is all that’s needed.
Take care and keep posting. John.

Hi Sheila 56 I’m so glad for you I wish it would happen to me all I remember is seeing his face in my sons neck curtain when I told my son he said don’t be silly so he took a picture of the net and there was my husband‘s face he couldn’t believe it

How I envy you all. I would give everything for just one more sight of him or to feel his hand in mine. I look at videos I made of us over the years and see him smiling at me but that’s all I have. I just want him back.


Oh @Lonely at feels me with dread. John always had dreams where he had lost me. It was a constant and I always told him I would find him. He depended on me for everything and me him. I worry so much that he is trying to find me and doesn’t understand what happened. He died very suddenly with a massive heart attack at 4am. No warning. He was dead when I lifted his face before the paramedics came. :cry:

@Lonely it’s hard to imagine which terrible thing is easier on those left behind. You had time to talk but your darling had ill health and a long decline. That must have been very hard but I bet you made the most of every moment together. It sounds as if you kept positive for each other. Such a lovely story. John was like a switch being turned off so no time for goodbye. We made the most of every moment together including the last day. Who can say? All we know is that for the one left behind we are just a shell of our former self. Outside I can smile and have even laughed. Inside I am screaming and begging for him to come home.

Like so many here, my June has been back a few times - feathers and a Robin. I know it was her, I was doing something in the garden, turned round and it was there, looking at me. I don’t know how long we looked at each other, but it was June. Since she went I felt her near, but the last few days, I’m not so sure. Maybe those who’ve passed have a new life(?) to start, but I’m not ready for her to leave me behind.
I think that it’s no use to look for signs, when they are ready, they let us know.

Take care all


I was onced told that i was a very old soul, and had the gift. I have never seen the dead but i do dream about them.

My husband was also called John, It is very hard to accept that they are not comming back, in our sensible head we know this. it just takes our hearts longer. Xx

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I hate my sensible head. I want him back no ifs or buts and I really want to punch someone for taking him away. What sort of thing is it that is so cruel? I feel so sorry for my John he loved our life together and told me so every day.

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Six years such a long time and you share on here. That’s a long time. I really hope I don’t have so long to wait until I am with him again.

Thanl you Sheila, I’m going to get June on Friday to bring her home. It will be 10 weeks since the ambulance took her to the hospinal. I don’t know how I will be, but I do want her home where she belongs

Sorry folks, not too good tonight, bit fed-up putting on the brave face for everyone - what about me, I’ve lost the reason to be here

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@dave170520 There is something about today that is very unsettling. I have done nothing but cry and everything seems even worse than 10 weeks ago. You obviously feel the same. I hope Friday goes peacefully for you. It’s very hard to bring them home like that. If only it was really them smiling and holding out their arms to us.

My daughter has been finding golf balls at the back door and tees in strange places such as her sock drawer. Also the dog has been jumping when he lies in a certain corner of the room and looking around for whatever had tickled him. In the same corner her husband’s photo ‘jumps’ off the sideboard. Although strange, its comforting to think he is still there, however we believe in death as the end there is something we cant rationalise away. Anything which brings comfort after losing the love of her life is welcome. There are signs everywhere if we just can recognise them.

So sorry for your loss Sheila but that’s a lovely story and reassuring for you to know hes still around in whatever form he can giving you comfort x

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